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Zonstein, S. & Marusik, Y. M. (2019b). A revision of the spider genus Filistata (Araneae: Filistatidae). Arachnology 18(2): 53-93. doi:10.13156/arac.2018.18.2.53 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Filistata albens Filistatidae 62, f. 7A-G, 27D (Dm) Filistata albens
Filistata canariensis Filistatidae 64, f. 8A-F, 9A-G, 27C (mf) Filistata canariensis
Filistata gomerensis Filistatidae 65, f. 10A-F, 27H (mf) Filistata gomerensis
Filistata insidiatrix Filistatidae 65, f. 1A-J, 2A-L, 3A-K, 4A-K, 5A-F, 6A-C, 11A-J, 12A-G, 13A-J, 14A-F, 15, 17D-H, 27A (mf, S of Filistata delimbata (removed from nomen dubium) and of Filistata puta) Filistata insidiatrix
Filistata lehtineni Filistatidae 74, f. 16A-H, 17A-C, 27B (mf) Filistata lehtineni
Filistata lubinae Filistatidae 75, f. 18A-J, 19A-E, 27G (Dm) Filistata lubinae
Filistata maguirei Filistatidae 76, f. 15G-I, 20A-G, 21A-G, 27E (mf) Filistata maguirei
Filistata pseudogomerensis Filistatidae 77, f. 22A-H, 27H (mf) Filistata pseudogomerensis
Filistata pygmaea Filistatidae 78, f. 23A-E, 27K (mf) Filistata pygmaea
Filistata teideensis Filistatidae 79, f. 24A-I, 27F (mf) Filistata teideensis
Filistata wunderlichi Filistatidae 80, f. 25A-I, 26A-I, 27I (Dmf) Filistata wunderlichi
Haplodrassus silvestris Gnaphosidae 83 (S of Filistata dubia, removed from nomen dubium) Haplodrassus silvestris
Kukulcania hibernalis Filistatidae 84, f. 28A-H (mf, S of Filistata tenerifensis) Kukulcania hibernalis
Labahitha gibsonhilli Filistatidae 86 (T from Filistata) Labahitha gibsonhilli
Labahitha marginata Filistatidae 88 (T from Filistata) Pritha marginata
Pholcoides chiardolae Filistatidae 87 (T from Filistata) Pholcoides chiardolae
Pistius truncatus Thomisidae 87 (S of Filistata truncata, removed from nomen dubium) Pistius truncatus
Pritha hirsuta Filistatidae 88, f. 29B,D,G-I (m, T from Filistata, removed from nomen dubium) Pritha hirsuta
Pritha napadensis Filistatidae 88 (T from Filistata) Pritha napadensis
Pritha tenuispina Filistatidae 88, f. 29A,C,E-F,J (m, S of Filistata hebraea and of Filistata hebraea limbomaculata, both removed from nomen dubium) Pritha tenuispina
Sahastata bosmansi Filistatidae 90 (Dm) Sahastata bosmansi
Tricalamus longiventris Filistatidae 90 (T from Filistata) Tricalamus longiventris
Tricalamus tarimuensis Filistatidae 90 (T from Filistata) Tricalamus tarimuensis
Tricalamus xizanensis Filistatidae 90 (T from Filistata) Tricalamus xizangensis
Zaitunia rufa Filistatidae 91 (T from Filistata) Zaitunia rufa
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