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Naumova, M., Lazarov, S. & Deltshev, C. (2019). Faunistic diversity of the spiders in Montenegro (Arachnida: Araneae). Ecologica Montenegrina 22: 50-89. doi:10.37828/em.2019.22.5 download pdf


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Amaurobius annulatus Amaurobiidae 59, f. 8-10 (f) Amaurobius annulatus
Amaurobius hercegovinensis Amaurobiidae 59, f. 11-13 (f) Amaurobius hercegovinensis
Inermocoelotes gasperinii Agelenidae 57, f. 2-4 (f) Inermocoelotes gasperinii
Textrix chyzeri Agelenidae 59, f. 5-7 (f) Textrix chyzeri
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