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Ortiz, D., Francke, O. F. & Bond, J. E. (2018). A tangle of forms and phylogeny: Extensive morphological homoplasy and molecular clock heterogeneity in Bonnetina and related tarantulas. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 127: 55-73. doi:10.1016/j.ympev.2018.05.013 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Bonnetina aviae Theraphosidae 63, f. 3G (m) Bonnetina aviae
Bonnetina cyaneifemur Theraphosidae 63, f. 3I (m) Bonnetina cyaneifemur
Bonnetina flammigera Theraphosidae 66, f. 6 (m) Bonnetina flammigera
Bonnetina julesvernei Theraphosidae 65, f. 5 (f) Bonnetina julesvernei
Bonnetina malinalli Theraphosidae 65, f. 5 (f) Bonnetina malinalli
Bonnetina megagyna Theraphosidae 65, f. 5 (f) Bonnetina megagyna
Bonnetina minax Theraphosidae 65, f. 5, 6 (mf) Bonnetina minax
Bonnetina tanzeri Theraphosidae 63, f. 3H, 6 (mf) Bonnetina tanzeri
Bonnetina unam Theraphosidae 65, f. 5 (f) Bonnetina unam
Magnacarina primaverensis Theraphosidae 63, f. 3C (m) Magnacarina primaverensis
Phormictopus cautus Theraphosidae 63, f. 3A (m) Phormictopus nesiotes
Schizopelma bicarinatum Theraphosidae 63, f. 3D (m) Schizopelma bicarinatum
Schizopelma juxtantricola Theraphosidae 71 (T from Bonnetina) Schizopelma juxtantricola
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