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Prószyński, J. (2019). Character assassination: a personal witness account with a taxonomic note on the genus Laufeia s. lat. (Araneae: Salticidae). Ecologica Montenegrina 22: 117-127. doi:10.37828/em.2019.22.9 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Junxattus daiqini Salticidae 122, f. 1D, G-H , L, U-V, 2B (mf, T from Laufeia) Junxattus daiqini
Laufeia aenea Salticidae 122, f. 1A-B, E-F, 2A (mf) Laufeia aenea
Laufeia concava Salticidae 122, f. 1W-X, 2C (f, N.B.: f is mismatched and also misplaced in the genus) "Laufeia" concava
Lechia minuta Salticidae 117 (T from Laufeia, N.B.: only provisionally, belongs neither to Laufeia nor to Euophrys) Lechia minuta
Lechia squamata Salticidae 122, f. 1C, P-Q, Y-Z (mf, T from Laufeia; N.B.: m mismatched and probably misplaced in the genus) Lechia squamata
Orcevia keyserlingi Salticidae 122, f. 1I-J,M-N,R-S, 2D (mf, T from Laufeia) Orcevia keyserlingi
Orcevia kuloni Salticidae 122, f. 1K, P, T (mf, T from Laufeia) Orcevia kuloni
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