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Pedroso, D. R., Miranda, G. S. de & Baptista, R. L. C. (2019). Further advancements in the taxonomy of Trechona spiders (Araneae: Dipluridae): two new species, redescription of Trechona uniformis Mello‐Leitão, 1935, additions to descriptions of Trechona rufa Vellard, 1924 and Trechona venosa (Latreille, 1832) and key to the species. Austral Entomology 58(1): 204-219. doi:10.1111/aen.12364 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Trechona cotia Dipluridae 210, f. 3b, 4a,d, 8a-b, 9a-d (Dm) Trechona cotia
Trechona excursora Dipluridae 207, f. 3a, 4b,e, 6a-b, 7a-d (Dm) Trechona excursora
Trechona rufa Dipluridae 217, f. 1a, 3e-f, 5a-b (f) Trechona rufa
Trechona uniformis Dipluridae 213, f. 1c, 3c-d, 4c,f, 5e-f, 10a-b, 11a-d (m, Df) Trechona uniformis
Trechona venosa Dipluridae 218, f. 1e, 3g-h, 5c-d (f) Trechona venosa
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