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Xu, X., Ono, H., Kuntner, M., Liu, F. X. & Li, D. Q. (2019b). A taxonomic monograph of the liphistiid spider genus Heptathela, endemic to Japanese islands. ZooKeys 888: 1-50. doi:10.3897/zookeys.888.34494 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Heptathela aha Heptathelidae 32, f. 15A-F (Df) Heptathela aha
Heptathela amamiensis Heptathelidae 19, f. 9A-L (mf) Heptathela amamiensis
Heptathela crypta Heptathelidae 43, f. 22E-K, 23G-L (Dmf) Heptathela crypta
Heptathela gayozan Heptathelidae 32, f. 16A-D (Df) Heptathela gayozan
Heptathela helios Heptathelidae 44, f. 24A-M (mf) Heptathela helios
Heptathela higoensis Heptathelidae 9, f. 2E, 4A-K, 5A-D (mf, S of Heptathela nishikawai and H. yaginumai) Heptathela higoensis
Heptathela kanenoi Heptathelidae 21, f. 10A-J (mf) Heptathela kanenoi
Heptathela kikuyai Heptathelidae 12, f. 6A-K (mf) Heptathela kikuyai
Heptathela kimurai Heptathelidae 15, f. 1A-B, 2D, 7A-D (f; N.B.: m presumably unknown, but not all published and figured males are discussed) Heptathela kimurai
Heptathela kojima Heptathelidae 23, f. 11A-K (Dmf) Heptathela kojima
Heptathela kubayama Heptathelidae 34, f. 17A-D (Df) Heptathela kubayama
Heptathela mae Heptathelidae 35, f. 18A-D (Df) Heptathela mae
Heptathela otoha Heptathelidae 36, f. 19A-D (Df) Heptathela otoha
Heptathela shuri Heptathelidae 38, f. 20A-D (Df) Heptathela shuri
Heptathela sumiyo Heptathelidae 25, f. 2I-J, 12A-K (Dmf) Heptathela sumiyo
Heptathela tokashiki Heptathelidae 38, f. 21A-D (Df) Heptathela tokashiki
Heptathela uken Heptathelidae 27, f. 13A-M (Dmf) Heptathela uken
Heptathela unten Heptathelidae 40, f. 22A-D, 23A-F (Dmf) Heptathela unten
Heptathela yakushimaensis Heptathelidae 16, f. 8A-M (mf) Heptathela yakushimaensis
Heptathela yanbaruensis Heptathelidae 30, f. 2N-O, 14A-K (mf) Heptathela yanbaruensis
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