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Magalhaes, I. L. F., Azevedo, G. H. F, Michalik, P. & Ramírez, M. J. (2020a). The fossil record of spiders revisited: implications for calibrating trees and evidence for a major faunal turnover since the Mesozoic. Biological Reviews 95(1): 184-217. doi:10.1111/brv.12559 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Aysenia cylindrica Anyphaenidae 196, f. 2L-M (mf) Aysenia cylindrica
Drymusa serrana Drymusidae 196, f. 2J (m) Drymusa serrana
Pikelinia tambilloi Filistatidae 196, f. 2K (f) Pikelinia tambilloi
No genus found for this reference