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Cabra-García, J. & Hormiga, G. (2020). Exploring the impact of morphology, multiple sequence alignment and choice of optimality criteria in phylogenetic inference: a case study with the Neotropical orb-weaving spider genus Wagneriana (Araneae: Araneidae). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 188(4): 976-1151. doi:10.1093/zoolinnean/zlz088 download pdf


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Acanthepeira stellata Araneidae 1016, f. 20A-B, 22C,H, 24A-B, 26A, 30A, 33C, 40A-B, 47E, 51E, 54G, 58C, 62D, 64E, 75A-F, 109A-F (mf) Acanthepeira stellata
Actinosoma pentacanthum Araneidae 1016, f. 20C-D, 21B, 23B, 26C, 30D, 40C-D, 43A-B, 49D, 52E, 56D, 58G, 60J, 63A, 65B, 80A-F, 114A-G (mf) Actinosoma pentacanthum
Alpaida delicata Araneidae 1014, f. 18G-H, 22G, 26B, 30B, 32A, 33A, 44A-B, 46F, 49F, 52G, 56F, 61B, 63B, 65D, 82A-D, 103A, 116A-F (mf) Alpaida delicata
Alpaida septemmammata Araneidae 1015, f. 19E, 30C, 50A, 52H, 56G, 58H, 61A, 65C, 81A-F, 117A-G (mf) Alpaida septemmammata
Alpaida turrigera Araneidae 1119 (T from Wagneriana) Alpaida turrigera
Alpaida uropygialis Araneidae 1117, f. 135A-E (m, T from Wagneriana) Alpaida uropygialis
Edricus productus Araneidae 1024, f. 30E, 47F, 51F, 54H, 55A, 60D, 76A-F, 102C, 110A-D (mf) Edricus productus
Eriophora ravilla Araneidae 1017, f. 21E, 24C-D, 26D, 32B, 38A, 46C, 47D, 51C, 54D, 58B, 60C, 62C, 64C, 74A-F, 102B, 108A-F (mf) Eriophora ravilla
Ocrepeira darlingtoni Araneidae 1017, f. 21F, 26E, 30F, 32C, 36A, 46B, 47C, 51D, 54E-F, 60B, 62B, 64B, 73A-F, 107A-G (mf) Ocrepeira darlingtoni
Paraverrucosa eupalaestra Araneidae 1037, f. 22B, 49B, 52C, 56B, 60I, 66C, 86C-D, 103D, 120A-F (mf, T from Wagneriana) Paraverrucosa eupalaestra
Paraverrucosa heteracantha Araneidae 1037, f. 44C-D, 58F, 66D, 86E-F, 100C-D, 103E, 121A-B (mf, T from Wagneriana) Paraverrucosa heteracantha
Paraverrucosa neglecta Araneidae 1029, f. 66B, 85A-F, 121C-D (mf, T from Wagneriana) Paraverrucosa neglecta
Paraverrucosa uzaga Araneidae 1037, f. 19D, 23C, 44E-F, 49C, 52D, 56C, 66A, 86A-B, 121E-F (mf, T from Wagneriana) Paraverrucosa uzaga
Parawixia audax Araneidae 1015, f. 19H, 24G, 30G, 32D, 33B, 38B, 43E-F, 48C, 55C, 58D, 60E, 62E, 64E, 77A-F, 100A-B, 102D, 111A-G (mf) Parawixia audax
Parawixia carimagua Araneidae 1107, f. 134A-E (m, T from Wagneriana, S of Parawixia porvenir) Parawixia carimagua
Parawixia kochi Araneidae 1017, f. 21G, 32E, 41C-D, 43F-G, 48D, 51H, 55D, 60F, 62G, 63I, 65A, 78A-F, 102E, 112A-G (mf) Parawixia kochi
Parawixia rimosa Araneidae 1022, f. 26F, 30H, 32F, 38C, 46D, 48E, 51I, 55E, 58E, 60G, 62F, 64F, 79A-F, 102F, 113A-E (mf) Parawixia rimosa
Popperaneus gavensis Araneidae 1028, f. 7B-C, 8A-D, 19I, 26H, 30I, 32J, 33D, 41A-B, 46E, 49A, 52B, 56A, 60H, 62H, 65E, 84A-E, 103C (m, T from Wagneriana) Popperaneus gavensis
Popperaneus iguape Araneidae 1028, f. 18E-F, 19J, 48F, 52A, 55F-H, 62I, 65F, 83A-C, 100E-F, 103B, 118A-F, 119A-F (mf, T from Wagneriana) Popperaneus iguape
Pronous peje Araneidae 1015, f. 19G, 23A, 47A, 51A, 54A-B, 105A-B (f) Pronous peje
Rubrepeira rubronigra Araneidae 1017, f. 21H, 49E, 52F, 56E, 115A-B (f) Rubrepeira rubronigra
Verrucosa arenata Araneidae 1015, f. 19F, 21A, 26G, 34, 40E-F, 46A, 47B, 51B, 54C, 58A, 60A, 62A, 64A, 72A-F, 102A, 106A-E (mf) Verrucosa arenata
Wagneriana acrosomoides Araneidae 1063, f. 59A, 61C, 68F, 94C-D, 127C-D (mf) Wagneriana acrosomoides
Wagneriana alma Araneidae 1063, f. 53E, 57E, 59B, 69E, 96A-B, 130A-B (mf) Wagneriana alma
Wagneriana atuna Araneidae 1091, f. 22D-E, 39A-J, 50E, 53C, 57C, 61D, 63H, 67A, 91C-D, 122E-F (mf, S of Wagneriana fina) Wagneriana atuna
Wagneriana carinata Araneidae 1063, f. 5B-D, 19A, 59C, 61E, 70A, 96E-F, 130E-F (mf) Wagneriana carinata
Wagneriana cobella Araneidae 1063, f. 42A-B, 45A, 59D, 61F, 67E, 88A-F, 124C-D (mf) Wagneriana cobella
Wagneriana dimastophora Araneidae 1063, f. 4A-D, 59E, 67D, 92C-D, 104A, 124A-B (mf) Wagneriana dimastophora
Wagneriana eldorado Araneidae 1063, f. 42E-F, 50D, 53B, 57B, 61G, 68C, 93C-D, 126A-B (mf) Wagneriana eldorado
Wagneriana grandicornis Araneidae 1107 (nomen dubium) Wagneriana grandicornis
Wagneriana hassleri Araneidae 1063, f. 4E-F, 42C-D, 68E, 94C-D, 127A-B (mf) Wagneriana hassleri
Wagneriana huanca Araneidae 1063, f. 45B, 131A-B (f) Wagneriana huanca
Wagneriana jacaza Araneidae 1063, f. 19B, 23D, 24H, 36B, 42G-H, 45C, 57G, 61H, 63C, 71A, 99A-D, 133C-D (mf) Wagneriana jacaza
Wagneriana jelskii Araneidae 1096, f. 30J, 32I, 41E-F, 50F, 53D, 57D, 61I, 71B, 90A-F, 101C-D, 104B, 133E-F (mf, S of Wagneriana bamba) Wagneriana jelskii
Wagneriana juquia Araneidae 1063, f. 128A-B (f) Wagneriana juquia
Wagneriana lechuza Araneidae 1063, f. 41G-H, 50C, 53A, 57A, 61J, 67F, 92E-F, 124E-F (mf) Wagneriana lechuza
Wagneriana madrejon Araneidae 1063, f. 123A-B (f) Wagneriana madrejon
Wagneriana maseta Araneidae 1063, f. 25A-C, 28, 29A, 31A,C, 32G, 35A,D, 37, 45D, 53H, 57H, 59F, 70C, 97C-D, 132A-B (mf) Wagneriana maseta
Wagneriana neblina Araneidae 1063, f. 69F, 96C-D, 130C-D (mf) Wagneriana neblina
Wagneriana pakitza Araneidae 1063, f. 129E-F (f, lapsus pakitsa at fig.) Wagneriana pakitza
Wagneriana roraima Araneidae 1063, f. 68B, 89A-F, 125C-D (mf) Wagneriana roraima
Wagneriana silvae Araneidae 1063, f. 20G-H, 21C, 29B, 31B,D, 32H, 35B-C,E, 45E, 63D, 68D, 93E-F, 126C-D (mf) Wagneriana silvae
Wagneriana spicata Araneidae 1063, f. 45F, 50B, 52I, 56H, 66E, 91A-B, 101A-B, 103F, 122A-B (mf) Wagneriana spicata
Wagneriana taboga Araneidae 1063, f. 3A-B, 53G, 63F, 66F, 87A-D, 122C-D (mf) Wagneriana taboga
Wagneriana taim Araneidae 1096, f. 27, 70E, 98A-B, 132C-D (mf, S of Wagneriana levii) Wagneriana taim
Wagneriana tauricornis Araneidae 1063, f. 4G-I, 18A-B, 23F-G, 24E-F, 26I, 59G, 63E, 69B, 95A-B, 128C-D (mf) Wagneriana tauricornis
Wagneriana tayos Araneidae 1063, f. 53F, 57F, 68A, 93A-B, 125A-B (mf) Wagneriana tayos
Wagneriana transitoria Araneidae 1063, f. 5E-F, 22F-G, 98C-D, 123E-F (mf) Wagneriana transitoria
Wagneriana undecimtuberculata Araneidae 1063, f. 20E-F, 21D, 43C-D, 44G-H, 63G, 70B, 97A-B, 131C-D (mf, lapsus undecimtuberculta in f. 43) Wagneriana undecimtuberculata
Wagneriana vallenuevo Araneidae 1063, f. 3C-D, 53I, 67B, 91E-F, 123C-D (mf) Wagneriana vallenuevo
Wagneriana vegas Araneidae 1063, f. 59H, 67C, 92A-B, 123E-F (mf) Wagneriana vegas
Wagneriana vermiculata Araneidae 1102 (nomen dubium, holotype is j) Wagneriana vermiculata
Wagneriana yacuma Araneidae 1063, f. 5A, 69D, 95E-F, 129C-D (mf) Wagneriana yacuma
Witica cayanus Araneidae 1040, f. 48B, 55B, 105C-D (f) Witica cayanus
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Popperaneus Cabra-García & Hormiga, 2020 Araneidae 1027