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Platnick, N. I. (2019). The guardstone spiders of the Phrurotimpus palustris group (Araneae, Phrurolithidae). American Museum Novitates 3944: 1-29. doi:10.1206/3944.1 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Phrurotimpus annulatus Phrurolithidae 13, f. 14-26 (mf, removed from S of Phrurotimpus alarius) Phrurotimpus annulatus
Phrurotimpus bernikerae Phrurolithidae 25, f. 66-78 (Dmf) Phrurotimpus bernikerae
Phrurotimpus palustris Phrurolithidae 9, f. 1-13 (mf, removed from S of Phrurotimpus alarius) Phrurotimpus palustris
Phrurotimpus sorkini Phrurolithidae 16, f. 27-39 (Dmf) Phrurotimpus sorkini
Phrurotimpus umbratilis Phrurolithidae 21, f. 53-65 (mf) Phrurotimpus umbratilis
Phrurotimpus wallacei Phrurolithidae 19, f. 40-52 (mf, T from Phrurolithus) Phrurotimpus wallacei
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