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Prasad, P., Tyagi, K., Caleb, J. T. D. & Kumar, V. (2019). A new species of the cob web spider genus Theridion from India (Araneae: Theridiidae). Ecologica Montenegrina 26: 108-117. doi:10.37828/em.2019.26.7 download pdf


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Nihonhimea brookesiana Theridiidae 116 (T from Parasteatoda, may be S of Nihonhimea indica [S stated in the abstract, but not in the text] or N. mundula) Nihonhimea brookesiana
Nihonhimea indica Theridiidae 115, f. 7-13 (f, T from Theridion, may be S of Nihonhimea mundula) Nihonhimea indicum
Nihonhimea tikaderi Theridiidae 116 (T from Theridion) Nihonhimea tikaderi
Theridion leucophaeum Theridiidae 111 (probably belongs to Simitidion) Theridion leucophaeum
Theridion maindroni Theridiidae 111 (probably belongs to Platnickina) Theridion maindroni
Theridion manjithar Theridiidae 115, f. 14-21 (f) Theridion manjithar
Theridion melanostictum Theridiidae 113, f. 22-23 (f) Theridion melanostictum
Theridion odisha Theridiidae 109, f. 1-6 (Df) Theridion odisha
Theridion piligerum Theridiidae 112 (nomen dubium) Theridion piligerum
Theridion subvittatum Theridiidae 112 (probably belongs to Anelosimus) Theridion subvittatum
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