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Nentwig, W., Blick, T., Gloor, D., J├Ąger, P. & Kropf, C. (2020). How to deal with destroyed type material? The case of Embrik Strand (Arachnida: Araneae). Arachnologische Mitteilungen 59: 22-29. doi:10.30963/aramit5904 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Ancylotrypa bicornuta Cyrtaucheniidae 24 (nomen dubium) Ancylotrypa bicornuta
Araneus aballensis Araneidae 23 (nomen dubium) Araneus aballensis
Araneus akakensis Araneidae 23 (nomen dubium) Araneus akakensis
Araneus bagamoyensis Araneidae 23 (nomen dubium) Araneus bagamoyensis
Araneus blochmanni Araneidae 23 (nomen dubium) Araneus blochmanni
Araneus braueri Araneidae 23 (nomen dubium) Araneus braueri
Araneus caplandensis Araneidae 23 (nomen dubium) Araneus caplandensis
Araneus ladschicola Araneidae 23 (nomen dubium) Araneus ladschicola
Araneus lamperti Araneidae 23 (nomen dubium) Araneus lamperti
Araneus meus Araneidae 23 (nomen dubium) Araneus meus
Araneus nigmanni Araneidae 23 (nomen dubium) Araneus nigmanni
Araneus nossibeus Araneidae 23 (nomen dubium) Araneus nossibeus
Araneus pahli Araneidae 23 (nomen dubium) Araneus pahli
Araneus raui Araneidae 23 (nomen dubium) Araneus raui
Araneus saccalava Araneidae 23 (nomen dubium) Araneus saccalava
Araneus zelus Araneidae 23 (nomen dubium) Araneus zelus
Araneus zuluanus Araneidae 23 (nomen dubium) Araneus zuluanus
Arctosa picturella Lycosidae 24 (nomen dubium) Arctosa picturella
Arctosa schweinfurthi Lycosidae 24 (nomen dubium) Arctosa schweinfurthi
Argyrodes meus Theridiidae 27 (nomen dubium) Argyrodes meus
Ariadna viridis Segestriidae 26 (nomen dubium) Ariadna viridis
Badumna blochmanni Desidae 24 (nomen dubium) Badumna blochmanni
Badumna javana Desidae 24 (nomen dubium) Badumna javana
Barylestis manni Sparassidae 26 (nomen dubium) Barylestis manni
Brachionopus leptopelmiformis Theraphosidae 26 (nomen dubium) Brachionopus leptopelmiformis
Caponia abyssinica Caponiidae 23 (nomen dubium) Caponia abyssinica
Carrhotus aeneochelis Salticidae 25 (nomen dubium) Carrhotus aeneochelis
Carteroniella macroclava Clubionidae 23 (nomen dubium) Carteroniella macroclava
Citharacanthus sargi Theraphosidae 26 (nomen dubium) Citharacanthus sargi
Clubiona caplandensis Clubionidae 23 (nomen dubium) Clubiona caplandensis
Clubiona limpidella Clubionidae 23 (nomen dubium) Clubiona limpidella
Copa auroplumosa Corinnidae 23 (nomen dubium) Copa auroplumosa
Corinna longitarsis Corinnidae 23 (nomen dubium) Corinna longitarsis
Corinna mandibulata Corinnidae 24 (nomen dubium) Corinna mandibulata
Corinna olivacea Corinnidae 24 (nomen dubium) Corinna olivacea
Corinna sanguinea Corinnidae 24 (nomen dubium) Corinna sanguinea
Ctenolophus heligmomeriformis Idiopidae 24 (nomen dubium) Ctenolophus heligmomeriformis
Ctenus beerwaldi Ctenidae 24 (nomen dubium) Ctenus beerwaldi
Ctenus biprocessis Ctenidae 24 (nomen dubium) Ctenus biprocessis
Ctenus clariventris Ctenidae 24 (nomen dubium) Ctenus clariventris
Ctenus quinquevittatus Ctenidae 24 (nomen dubium) Ctenus quinquevittatus
Ctenus schneideri Ctenidae 24 (nomen dubium) Ctenus schneideri
Cyclosa hova Araneidae 23 (nomen dubium) Cyclosa hova
Cyrba bidentata Salticidae 25 (nomen dubium) Cyrba bidentata
Cyriopagopus robustus Theraphosidae 26 (nomen dubium) Cyriopagopus robustus
Cyriopagopus salangensis Theraphosidae 26 (nomen dubium) Cyriopagopus salangense
Dolomedes lomensis Pisauridae 25 (nomen dubium) Dolomedes lomensis
Dolomedes submarginalivittatus Pisauridae 25 (nomen dubium) Dolomedes submarginalivittatus
Drassodes adisensis Gnaphosidae 24 (nomen dubium) Drassodes adisensis
Drassodes prosthesimiformis Gnaphosidae 24 (nomen dubium) Drassodes prosthesimiformis
Drassodes subviduatus Gnaphosidae 24 (nomen dubium) Drassodes subviduatus
Drassodes vorax Gnaphosidae 24 (nomen dubium) Drassodes vorax
Dresserus nasivulvus Eresidae 24 (nomen dubium) Dresserus nasivulvus
Entypesa annulipes Entypesidae 24 (nomen dubium) Entypesa annulipes
Eumenophorus stridulantissimus Theraphosidae 26 (nomen dubium) Eumenophorus stridulantissimus
Eurypelmella masculina Theraphosidae 26 (nomen dubium) Eurypelmella masculina
Giuiria unica Salticidae 25 (nomen dubium) Giuiria unica
Grammostola monticola Theraphosidae 26 (nomen dubium) Grammostola monticola
Harpactira guttata Theraphosidae 26 (nomen dubium) Harpactira guttata
Hermacha nigromarginata Entypesidae 24 (nomen dubium) Hermacha nigromarginata
Heteropoda graaflandi Sparassidae 26 (nomen dubium) Heteropoda graaflandi
Heteropoda rufognatha Sparassidae 26 (nomen dubium) Heteropoda rufognatha
Heteropoda veiliana Sparassidae 26 (nomen dubium) Heteropoda veiliana
Heteropoda warthiana Sparassidae 26 (nomen dubium) Heteropoda warthiana
Heterothele villosella Theraphosidae 26 (nomen dubium) Heterothele villosella
Hognoides urbanides Lycosidae 24 (nomen dubium) Hognoides urbanides
Hygropoda madagascarica Pisauridae 25 (nomen dubium) Hygropoda madagascarica
Hyllus aethiopicus Salticidae 25 (nomen dubium) Hyllus aethiopicus
Hyllus erlangeri Salticidae 25 (nomen dubium) Hyllus erlangeri
Hyllus fur Salticidae 25 (nomen dubium) Hyllus fur
Hyllus fusciventris Salticidae 25 (nomen dubium) Hyllus fusciventris
Hyllus lugubrellus Salticidae 25 (nomen dubium) Hyllus lugubrellus
Hyllus manensis Salticidae 25 (nomen dubium) Hyllus manensis
Hyllus nossibeensis Salticidae 25 (nomen dubium) Hyllus nossibeensis
Hyllus pachypoessae Salticidae 25 (nomen dubium) Hyllus pachypoessae
Hyllus thyeniformis Salticidae 25 (nomen dubium) Hyllus thyeniformis
Hyllus virgillus Salticidae 25 (nomen dubium) Hyllus virgillus
Hysterocrates affinis Theraphosidae 26 (nomen dubium) Hysterocrates affinis
Hysterocrates haasi Theraphosidae 26 (nomen dubium) Hysterocrates haasi
Hysterocrates spellenbergi Theraphosidae 26 (nomen dubium) Hysterocrates spellenbergi
Hysterocrates vosseleri Theraphosidae 26 (nomen dubium) Hysterocrates vosseleri
Icius pseudocellatus Salticidae 25 (nomen dubium) Icius pseudocellatus
Idiops bersebaensis Idiopidae 24 (lapsus, nomen dubium) Idiops bersebanesis
Lachesana vittata Zodariidae 27 (nomen dubium) Lachesana vittata
Latouchia fasciata Halonoproctidae 24 (nomen dubium) Latouchia fasciata
Leucauge abbajae Tetragnathidae 26 (nomen dubium) Leucauge abbajae
Leucauge auronotum Tetragnathidae 26 (nomen dubium) Leucauge auronotum
Leucauge profundifoveata Tetragnathidae 26 (nomen dubium) Leucauge profundifoveata
Leucauge tetragnathella Tetragnathidae 26 (nomen dubium) Leucauge tetragnathella
Loxoptygus erlangeri Theraphosidae 26 (nomen dubium) Loxoptygus erlangeri
Loxosceles pallidecolorata Sicariidae 26 (nomen dubium) Loxosceles pallidecolorata
Mallinella maculata Zodariidae 27 (nomen dubium; N.B.: it is the type species of the genus and remains here valid until this is clarified) Mallinella maculata
Mallinella scutata Zodariidae 27 (nomen dubium) Mallinella scutata
Mallinus defectus Zodariidae 27 (nomen dubium) Mallinus defectus
Myrmarachne patellata Salticidae 25 (nomen dubium) Myrmarachne patellata
Nemoscolus caudifer Araneidae 23 (nomen dubium) Nemoscolus caudifer
Nomisia chordivulvata Gnaphosidae 24 (nomen dubium) Nomisia chordivulvata
Olios soratensis Sparassidae 26 (nomen dubium) Olios soratensis
Olios unilateralis Sparassidae 26 (nomen dubium) Nonianus unilateralis
Orsinome vorkampiana Tetragnathidae 26 (nomen dubium) Orsinome vorkampiana
Oxyopes abebae Oxyopidae 25 (nomen dubium) Oxyopes abebae
Oxyopes africanus Oxyopidae 25 (nomen dubium) Oxyopes africanus
Oxyopes akakensis Oxyopidae 25 (nomen dubium) Oxyopes akakensis
Oxyopes erlangeri Oxyopidae 25 (nomen dubium) Oxyopes erlangeri
Oxyopes exsiccatus Oxyopidae 25 (nomen dubium) Oxyopes exsiccatus
Oxyopes hostides Oxyopidae 25 (nomen dubium) Oxyopes hostides
Oxyopes inconspicuus Oxyopidae 25 (nomen dubium) Oxyopes inconspicuus
Oxyopes infidelis Oxyopidae 25 (nomen dubium) Oxyopes infidelis
Oxyopes juvencus Oxyopidae 25 (nomen dubium) Oxyopes juvencus
Oxyopes lenzi Oxyopidae 25 (nomen dubium) Oxyopes lenzi
Oxyopes lineatifemur Oxyopidae 25 (nomen dubium) Oxyopes lineatifemur
Oxyopes luteoaculeatus Oxyopidae 25 (nomen dubium) Oxyopes luteoaculeatus
Oxyopes notivittatus Oxyopidae 25 (nomen dubium) Oxyopes notivittatus
Oxyopes oranicola Oxyopidae 25 (nomen dubium) Oxyopes oranicola
Oxyopes sternimaculatus Oxyopidae 25 (nomen dubium) Oxyopes sternimaculatus
Oxyopes subjavanus Oxyopidae 25 (nomen dubium) Oxyopes subjavanus
Ozyptila aculeipes Thomisidae 27 (nomen dubium) Ozyptila aculeipes
Pachygnatha africana Tetragnathidae 26 (nomen dubium) Pachygnatha africana
Palpimanus sanguineus Palpimanidae 25 (nomen dubium) Palpimanus sanguineus
Palystes spiralis Sparassidae 26 (nomen dubium) Palystes spiralis
Palystes superciliosus Sparassidae 27 (S of Palystes modificus minor) Palystes superciliosus
Parameta defecta Tetragnathidae 26 (nomen dubium) Parameta defecta
Pardosa brevimetatarsis Lycosidae 24 (nomen dubium) Pardosa brevimetatarsis
Pardosa palliclava Lycosidae 24 (nomen dubium) Pardosa palliclava
Pardosa zorimorpha Lycosidae 24 (nomen dubium) Pardosa zorimorpha
Pediana aurochelis Sparassidae 26 (nomen dubium) Pediana aurochelis
Pellenes aethiopicus Salticidae 25 (nomen dubium) Pellenes aethiopicus
Pellenes mimicus Salticidae 25 (nomen dubium) Pellenes mimicus
Philaeus steudeli Salticidae 25 (nomen dubium) Philaeus steudeli
Philodromus caffer Philodromidae 25 (nomen dubium) Philodromus caffer
Philodromus problematicus Philodromidae 25 (nomen dubium) Philodromus problematicus
Phlegra desquamata Salticidae 25 (nomen dubium) Phlegra desquamata
Phoneyusa minima Theraphosidae 26 (nomen dubium) Phoneyusa minima
Phormictopus brasiliensis Theraphosidae 26 (nomen dubium) Phormictopus brasiliensis
Phoroncidia quadrispinella Theridiidae 27 (nomen dubium) Phoroncidia quadrispinella
Pirata rubicundicoloratus Lycosidae 24 (nomen dubium) Pirata rubicundicoloratus
Poecilochroa malagassa Gnaphosidae 24 (nomen dubium) Poecilochroa malagassa
Prasonica affinis Araneidae 23 (nomen dubium) Prasonica affinis
Prasonica olivacea Araneidae 23 (nomen dubium) Prasonica olivacea
Prodidomus lampei Prodidomidae 24 (nomen dubium) Prodidomus lampei
Pseudhapalopus aculeatus Theraphosidae 26 (nomen dubium) Pseudhapalopus aculeatus
Rhene spuridens Salticidae 26 (nomen dubium) Rhene spuridens
Runcinia longipes Thomisidae 27 (nomen dubium) Runcinia longipes
Runcinia oculifrons Thomisidae 27 (nomen dubium) Runcinia oculifrons
Scotophaeus bersebaensis Gnaphosidae 24 (nomen dubium) Scotophaeus bersebaensis
Scotophaeus nossibeensis Gnaphosidae 24 (nomen dubium) Scotophaeus nossibeensis
Scotophaeus parvioculis Gnaphosidae 24 (nomen dubium) Scotophaeus parvioculis
Scytodes bergeri Scytodidae 26 (nomen dubium) Scytodes bergeri
Scytodes subthoracica Scytodidae 26 (nomen dubium) Scytodes subthoracica
Scytodes suffusa Scytodidae 26 (nomen dubium) Scytodes suffusa
Selenocosmia subvulpina Theraphosidae 26 (nomen dubium) Selenocosmia subvulpina
Selenogyrus brunneus Theraphosidae 26 (nomen dubium) Selenogyrus brunneus
Setaphis mollis Gnaphosidae 24 (nomen dubium) Zelotes quadridentatus
Smeringopus affinitatus Pholcidae 25 (nomen dubium) Smeringopus affinitatus
Steatoda bradyi Theridiidae 27 (nomen dubium) Steatoda bradyi
Steatoda lenzi Theridiidae 27 (nomen dubium) Steatoda lenzi
Steatoda violacea Theridiidae 27 (nomen dubium) Steatoda violacea
Syrisca drassiformis Miturgidae 24 (nomen dubium) Syrisca drassiformis
Tetragnatha lamperti Tetragnathidae 26 (nomen dubium) Tetragnatha lamperti
Thanatus multipunctatus Philodromidae 25 (nomen dubium) Thanatus multipunctatus
Thanatus paucipunctatus Philodromidae 25 (nomen dubium) Thanatus paucipunctatus
Theridion caplandense Theridiidae 27 (nomen dubium) Theridion caplandense
Theridion darolense Theridiidae 27 (nomen dubium) Theridion darolense
Theridion lamperti Theridiidae 27 (nomen dubium) Theridion lamperti
Theridion lenzianum Theridiidae 27 (nomen dubium) Theridion lenzianum
Theridion piliphilum Theridiidae 27 (nomen dubium) Theridion piliphilum
Theridion vossi Theridiidae 27 (nomen dubium) Theridion vossi
Theridula theriella Theridiidae 27 (nomen dubium) Theridula theriella
Theuma intermedia Prodidomidae 24 (nomen dubium) Theuma intermedia
Theumella penicillata Prodidomidae 24 (nomen dubium) Theumella penicillata
Theumella typica Prodidomidae 24 (nomen dubium) Theumella typica
Thianella disjuncta Salticidae 26 (nomen dubium) Thianella disjuncta
Thomisus nossibeensis Thomisidae 27 (nomen dubium) Thomisus nossibeensis
Thyene scalarinota Salticidae 26 (nomen dubium) Thyene scalarinota
Tibellus vosseleri Philodromidae 25 (nomen dubium) Tibellus vosseleri
Tigidia processigera Barychelidae 23 (nomen dubium) Tigidia processigera
Tmeticides araneiformis Linyphiidae 24 (nomen dubium) Tmeticides araneiformis
Trochosa urbana Lycosidae 24 (nomen dubium) Pirata molensis
Vulsor quartus Viridasiidae 27 (nomen dubium) Vulsor quartus
Vulsor quintus Viridasiidae 27 (nomen dubium) Vulsor quintus
Zodarion dubium Zodariidae 27 (nomen dubium) Zodarion dubium
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