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Sánchez-Ruiz, A., Brescovit, A. D. & Bonaldo, A. B. (2020). Revision of the spider genus Nyetnops Platnick & Lise (Araneae: Caponiidae) with proposition of the new genus Nopsma, from Central and South America. Zootaxa 4751(3): 461-486. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.4751.3.3 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Cubanops ludovicorum Caponiidae 485, f. 19G (endite) Cubanops ludovicorum
Medionops blades Caponiidae 485, f. 19E (endite) Medionops blades
Nops guanabacoae Caponiidae 485, f. 19C (endite) Nops guanabacoae
Nopsides ceralbonus Caponiidae 485, f. 19A (endite) Nopsides ceralbonus
Nopsma armandoi Caponiidae 482, f. 17A-F (Dm) Nopsma armandoi
Nopsma enriquei Caponiidae 475, f. 11A-F, 12A-L, 13A-L, 14A-F (Dm) Nopsma enriquei
Nopsma florencia Caponiidae 483, f. 18A-F (Dm) Nopsma florencia
Nopsma juchuy Caponiidae 479, f. 15A-J, 16A-J, 19F (mf, T from Nyetnops) Nopsma juchuy
Nyetnops buruti Caponiidae 474, f. 8I, 9A-F (m) Nyetnops buruti
Nyetnops guarani Caponiidae 463, f. 1A-I, 2A-L, 3A-L, 8G, 10A, 19D (mf) Nyetnops guarani
Nyetnops lachonta Caponiidae 472, f. 8A-F,J (Dm) Nyetnops lachonta
Nyetnops naylienae Caponiidae 463, f. 4A-I, 5A-L, 6A-L, 7A-I, 8H, 10B (Dmf) Nyetnops naylienae
Orthonops ovalis Caponiidae 485, f. 19B (endite) Orthonops ovalis
Tarsonops ariguanabo Caponiidae 485 (endite) Tarsonops ariguanabo
Genus Family Page
Nopsma Sánchez-Ruiz, Brescovit & Bonaldo, 2020 Caponiidae 474