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Zamani, A. & Marusik, Y. M. (2020a). A review of Agelenini (Araneae: Agelenidae: Ageleninae) of Iran and Tajikistan, with descriptions of four new genera. Arachnology 18(4): 368-386. doi:10.13156/arac.2020.18.4.368 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Agelescape affinis Agelenidae 371, f. 8F-H (f) Agelescape affinis
Agelescape livida Agelenidae 371, f. 2D, 3A-B, 4A-B, 5A-B, 6D,G-H, 8A-E (mf, m sub cf.) Agelescape livida
Asiascape parthica Agelenidae 384, f. 1D, 4C, 5E-F, 14E-H (Dmf) Asiascape parthica
Benoitia tadzhika Agelenidae 386 (T from Agelena) Benoitia tadzhika
Gorbiscape agelenoides Agelenidae 382, f. 4E (m, T from Agelena) Gorbiscape agelenoides
Gorbiscape gorbachevi Agelenidae 380, f. 1E-F, 4D, 5C-D, 6F, 7A, 14A-D (Dmf) Gorbiscape gorbachevi
Persilena sengleti Agelenidae 385, f. 1C, 14I-L (Df) Persilena sengleti
Persiscape caspica Agelenidae 373, f. 1A-B, 9D, 10E-F, 13A-C (Dmf) Persiscape caspica
Persiscape caucasica Agelenidae 376, f. 12M-O (f, T from Agelescape) Persiscape caucasica
Persiscape ecbatana Agelenidae 376, f. 2A-B, 6B,E, 7C, 9E, 10C-D, 13D-J (Dmf) Persiscape ecbatana
Persiscape gideoni Agelenidae 376, f. 3C-D, 6A,I, 9A, 11C-D, 12H-L (mf, T from Agelescape, S of Agelescape dunini) Persiscape gideoni
Persiscape levyi Agelenidae 373, f. 6C, 7B, 9F, 10A-B, 12A-G (mf, T from Agelescape, S of Agelescape talyshica) Persiscape levyi
Persiscape nassirkhanii Agelenidae 388, f. 2C, 9B, 11E-F (Dm) Persiscape nassirkhanii
Persiscape zagrosensis Agelenidae 378, f. 9C, 11A-B (Dm) Persiscape zagrosensis
Genus Family Page
Asiascape Zamani & Marusik, 2020 Agelenidae 383
Gorbiscape Zamani & Marusik, 2020 Agelenidae 378
Persilena Zamani & Marusik, 2020 Agelenidae 385
Persiscape Zamani & Marusik, 2020 Agelenidae 372