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Esyunin, S. L. & Tuneva, T. K. (2020). A review of the family Gnaphosidae in the fauna of the Urals (Aranei), 6. Taxonomic remarks and new records, with description of a new species. Arthropoda Selecta 29(1): 103-120. doi:10.15298/arthsel.29.1.09 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Civizelotes aituar Gnaphosidae 104, f. 1-2 (Dm) Civizelotes aituar
Civizelotes pygmaeus Gnaphosidae 106, f. 3-5 (m) Civizelotes pygmaeus
Drassodes chybyndensis Gnaphosidae 106, f. 6-7 (m) Drassodes chybyndensis
Drassodes longispinus Gnaphosidae 108, f. 14-15 (f) Drassodes longispinus
Drassodes lutescens Gnaphosidae 108, f. 16 (f) Drassodes lutescens
Drassodes natali Gnaphosidae 110, f. 8-10, 17-18 (mf, S of D. natali with D. platnicki, younger name used, without explanation) Drassodes platnicki
Drassyllus sur Gnaphosidae 110, f. 11-13, 19 (mf) Drassyllus sur
Gnaphosa lucifuga Gnaphosidae 111, f. 23-31 (mf) Gnaphosa lucifuga
Gnaphosa pilosa Gnaphosidae 111, f. 32-37 (mf) Gnaphosa pilosa
Haplodrassus orientalis Gnaphosidae 115, f. 50 (m) Haplodrassus orientalis
Marinarozelotes manytchensis Gnaphosidae 113, f. 22, 41-46 (mf) Trachyzelotes manytchensis
Parasyrisca arrabonica Gnaphosidae 117, f. 51-53, 56-59 (m) Parasyrisca arrabonica
Talanites mikhailovi Gnaphosidae 118, f. 54-55 (m) Talanites mikhailovi
Urozelotes trifidus Gnaphosidae 115, f. 21, 38-40 (mf) Urozelotes trifidus
Zelotes rufi Gnaphosidae 115, f. 20, 47-49 (mf, S of Zelotes fallax) Zelotes rufi
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