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Bosmans, R. & Chatzaki, M. (2005). A catalogue of the spiders of Greece – a critical review of all spider species cited from Greece with their localities. Nieuwsbrief van de Belgische Arachnologische Vereniging 20(2, Suppl.): 1-124. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Aphantaulax trifasciata Gnaphosidae 78 (S of Zelotes bimaculatus) Aphantaulax trifasciata
Berinda ensigera Gnaphosidae 78 (S of Haplodrassus grazianoi) Berinda ensigera
Haplodrassus omissus Gnaphosidae 82 (T from Drassodes, confirmed by Bosmans et al., 2013: 10) Haplodrassus acrotirius
No genus found for this reference