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Hormiga, G. & Scharff, N. (2020). The malkarid spiders of New Zealand (Araneae: Malkaridae). Invertebrate Systematics 34(4): 345-405. doi:10.1071/IS19073 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Anarchaea robusta Malkaridae 351, f. 5B (m) Anarchaea robusta
Carathea parawea Malkaridae 352, f. 6D-E (m) Carathea parawea
Chilenodes australis Malkaridae 355, f. 6A-C, 8A-F (m) Chilenodes australis
Flavarchaea lofty Malkaridae 351, f. 5C (m) Flavarchaea lofty
Malkara loricata Malkaridae 351, f. 5A (m) Malkara loricata
Perissopmeros quinguni Malkaridae 353, f. 7A-D (m) Perissopmeros nr quinguni
Tingotingo aho Malkaridae 374, f. 28A-F, 29A-C, 30A-D, 31A-B (Dmf) Tingotingo aho
Tingotingo porotiti Malkaridae 365, f. 18A-F, 19A-C, 20A-D, 21A-B (Dmf) Tingotingo porotiti
Tingotingo pouaru Malkaridae 368, f. 22A-E, 23A-D (Dm) Tingotingo pouaru
Tingotingo tokorera Malkaridae 370, f. 2D, 24A-F, 25A-C, 26A-D, 27A-B (Dmf) Tingotingo tokorera
Whakamoke guacamole Malkaridae 386, f. 40A-F, 41A-C, 42A-D, 43A-B (Dmf) Whakamoke guacamole
Whakamoke heru Malkaridae 394, f. 1B-C, 15A-E, 16A-D, 17A-F, 50A-F, 51A-C, 52A-D, 53A-B (Dmf) Whakamoke heru
Whakamoke hunahuna Malkaridae 390, f. 44A-E, 45A-C (Dm) Whakamoke hunahuna
Whakamoke orongorongo Malkaridae 379, f. 32A-F, 33A-C, 34A-D, 35A-B (Dmf) Whakamoke orongorongo
Whakamoke paoka Malkaridae 391, f. 2C, 9A-F, 10A-H, 11A-E, 12A-G, 13A-F, 14A-E, 46A-F, 47A-C, 48A-D, 49A-B (Dmf) Whakamoke paoka
Whakamoke rakiura Malkaridae 397, f. 1A, 54A-F, 55A-C, 56A-D (Dmf) Whakamoke rakiura
Whakamoke tarakina Malkaridae 382, f. 36A-,F, 27A-C, 38A-D, 39A-B (Dmf) Whakamoke tarakina
Genus Family Page
Tingotingo Hormiga & Scharff, 2020 Malkaridae 360
Whakamoke Hormiga & Scharff, 2020 Malkaridae 377