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Rodrigues, B. V. B. & Rheims, C. A. (2020a). An overview of the African genera of Prodidominae spiders: descriptions and remarks (Araneae: Gnaphosidae). Zootaxa 4799(1): 1-80. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.4799.1.1 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Austrodomus gamsberg Prodidomidae 17, f. 9A-C (Dm) Austrodomus gamsberg
Austrodomus oxoniensis Prodidomidae 8, f. 7D-F (f, T from Katumbea) Austrodomus oxoniensis
Austrodomus scaber Prodidomidae 9, f. 1C, 2A, 3A-F, 4A-F, 5A-F, 6A-F, 8A-F (Dmf) Austrodomus scaber
Austrodomus zuluensis Prodidomidae 8, f. 2B-F, 7A-C (f) Austrodomus zuluensis
Eleleis crinita Prodidomidae 19, f. 11A-C, 18A-H (f) Eleleis crinita
Eleleis etosha Prodidomidae 30, f. 12C, 21A-F (Dmf) Eleleis etosha
Eleleis haddadi Prodidomidae 33, f. 12F, 23A-C (Df) Eleleis haddadi
Eleleis himba Prodidomidae 31, f. 12D, 22A-C (Dm) Eleleis himba
Eleleis leleupi Prodidomidae 33, f. 12E, 13A-B, 22D-F (Dm) Eleleis leleupi
Eleleis limpopo Prodidomidae 19, f. 11F-G, 12A, 14A-F, 15A-F, 16A-F, 17A-F, 19A-F (Dmf) Eleleis limpopo
Eleleis luderitz Prodidomidae 36, f. 12G, 13C-D, 23D-F (Df) Eleleis luderitz
Eleleis okavango Prodidomidae 28, f. 12B, 20A-F (Dmf) Eleleis okavango
Eleleis solitaria Prodidomidae 36, f. 1A, 11D-E, 12G, 23G-I (Df) Eleleis solitaria
Kikongo buta Gnaphosidae 67, f. 52A-F (Dmf) Kikongo buta
Kikongo rutshuru Gnaphosidae 65, f. 51A-F (Dmf) Kikongo rutshuru
Kikongo ruwenzori Gnaphosidae 64, f. 45A-F, 46A-F, 47A-F, 48A-F, 49A-F, 50A-F (Dmf) Kikongo ruwenzori
Kituba langalanga Gnaphosidae 57, f. 37B-F, 39E-F, 40A-B, 43A-C (Df) Kituba langalanga
Kituba mayombensis Gnaphosidae 50, f. 37A, 38A-F, 39A-D, 40C-F, 41A-F, 42A-E (Dmf) Kituba mayombensis
Plutonodomus kungwensis Prodidomidae 48, f. 35A-G (f) Plutonodomus kungwensis
Purcelliana cederbergensis Prodidomidae 38, f. 26D, 31D-F (Dm) Purcelliana cederbergensis
Purcelliana kamaseb Prodidomidae 46, f. 26A-C, 27A-F, 28A-F, 29A-F, 30A-F, 32A-G (Dmf, in f. 27-30 as P. etosha) Purcelliana kamaseb
Purcelliana khabus Prodidomidae 46, f. 33A-F (Dmf) Purcelliana khabus
Purcelliana problematica Prodidomidae 37, f. 1B, 26E-H, 31A-C (m) Purcelliana problematica
Yoruba ibadanus Gnaphosidae 69, f. 54B-F, 55A-F, 56A-F, 57A-F, 58A-F, 59A-F (Dmf) Yoruba ibadanus
Yoruba toubensis Gnaphosidae 75, f. 54A, 60A-G (Dmf) Yoruba toubensis
Genus Family Page
Kikongo Rodrigues & Rheims, 2020 Gnaphosidae 58
Kituba Rodrigues & Rheims, 2020 Gnaphosidae 49
Yoruba Rodrigues & Rheims, 2020 Gnaphosidae 69