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Grismado, C. J. & Achitte-Schmutzler, H. C. (2020). The crab spider genus Uraarachne Keyserling (Araneae: Thomisidae) in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay: a proposal of its senior synonymy over Plancinus Simon, and description of four new species. Revista del Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales, Nueva Serie 22(1): 91-130. doi:10.22179/REVMACN.22.665 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Misumenoides magnus Thomisidae 93, f. 3a-h (mf) Misumenoides magnus
Runcinia grammica Thomisidae 93, f. 6a-h, 7a-i, 8a-j (mf) Runcinia grammica
Uraarachne brevipes Thomisidae 123, f. 1a-d (f, T from Plancinus) Uraarachne brevipes
Uraarachne ceratophrys Thomisidae 1125, f. 22a-j, 24c,f, 26c,f (Dm) Uraarachne ceratophrys
Uraarachne cornuta Thomisidae 117, f. 1i-l, 5a-h, 19a-i, 20a-j, 24a,d, 26a,d, 29a-b (Dm, f, T from Plancinus) Uraarachne cornuta
Uraarachne kapiity Thomisidae 106, f. 14a-i, 15a-j, 23g-h, 25g-h, 27a (Dmf) Uraarachne kapiity
Uraarachne longa Thomisidae 96, f. 2a, 9a-i (f) Uraarachne longa
Uraarachne panthera Thomisidae 124, f. 21a-j, 24b,e, 26b,e (Dm) Uraarachne panthera
Uraarachne plana Thomisidae 110, f. 2b, 16a-i, 17a-j, 23c-d, 25c-d, 28a-d (Dmf, T from Runcinia) Uraarachne plana
Uraarachne runcinioides Thomisidae 96, f. 1e-h, 2c-e, 4a-h, 10a-i, 11a-j, 23a-b, 25a-b (mf, T from Plancinus, S of Erissoides argentinus and Platyarachne argentina) Uraarachne runcinioides
Uraarachne toro Thomisidae 115, f. 18a-i (Df) Uraarachne toro
Uraarachne variegata Thomisidae 103, f. 2f-h, 12a-i, 13a-j, 23e-f, 25e-f, 27b-c (m, Df, T from Misumenoides) Uraarachne variegata
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