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Gabriel, R. (2020a). Revised taxonomic placement of some species in Acanthoscurria Ausserer, 1871 and Eupalaestrus Pocock, 1901 (Araneae: Theraphosidae). Arachnology 18(5): 409-429. doi:10.13156/arac.2020.18.5.409 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Acanthoscurria convexa Theraphosidae 410 (nomen dubium) Acanthoscurria convexa
Acanthoscurria cordubensis Theraphosidae 412, f. 3-14 (mf, S of Acanthoscurria bollei, A. borealis and A. suina) Acanthoscurria cordubensis
Acanthoscurria maga Theraphosidae 417, f. 15-26 (mf, S of Acanthoscurria antillensis) Acanthoscurria maga
Acanthoscurria minor Theraphosidae 419 (nomen dubium) Acanthoscurria minor
Acanthoscurria musculosa Theraphosidae 420, f. 36-50 (mf, S of Acanthoscurria hirsutissimasterni and A. sternalis) Acanthoscurria musculosa
Acanthoscurria proxima Theraphosidae 424 (nomen dubium) Acanthoscurria proxima
Acanthoscurria simoensi Theraphosidae 425, f. 51-60 (m) Acanthoscurria simoensi
Eupalaestrus campestratus Theraphosidae 426 (S of Eupalaestrus guyanus) Eupalaestrus campestratus
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