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Marusik, Y. M., Nadolny, A. A. & Koponen, S. (2020). Redescription of Trochosa urbana (Araneae: Lycosidae) with notes on its distribution. Arachnology 18(5): 482-489 & Suppl. Fig. 1-5. doi:10.13156/arac.2020.18.5.482 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Hogna taurirtensis Lycosidae 488, Suppl. f. 4A-B (f, T from Pirata, might be S of Hogna ferox) Hogna taurirtensis
Trochosa dentichelis Lycosidae 483, f. 1f, 2g-i, 3d, 4e (mf) Trochosa dentichelis
Trochosa malayana Lycosidae 488 (T from Trochosippa; belongs elsewhere) Trochosa malayana
Trochosa meruensis Lycosidae 488, Suppl. f. 3B-C, 5A-B (mf, T from Trochosippa) Trochosa meruensis
Trochosa obscura Lycosidae 488 (T from Trochosippa; belongs elsewhere) Trochosa obscura
Trochosa ruricola Lycosidae 486, f. 1g, 3e-h, 4f (mf) Trochosa ruricola
Trochosa ruricoloides Lycosidae 485, f. 1d-e, 2e-f, 4d (mf) Trochosa ruricoloides
Trochosa urbana Lycosidae 482, 487, 488, 489, f. 1a-c, 2a-d, 3a-c, 4a-c,g, Suppl. f. 1A-E, 2.7-9, 3A-B,D, 4C-D, 5C (mf, S of Caporiaccosa arctosaeformis, Geolycosa gofensis, Hogna sansibarensis, Pirata molensis [removed from nomen dubium] and Trochosa urbana hova) Trochosa urbana
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