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Seo, B. K. (2017d). Three new species and four new records of the families Cybaeidae and Gnaphosidae (Araneae) from Korea. Journal of Species Research 6(Special Edition): 114-124. doi:10.12651/JSR.2017.6(S).114 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Cybaeus auriculatus Cybaeidae 114, f. 1A-H (Dm) Cybaeus auriculatus
Cybaeus parvus Cybaeidae 116, f. 2A-H (Dm) Cybaeus parvus
Drassodes natali Gnaphosidae 116, f. 3A-F (f) Drassodes platnicki
Haplodrassus hatsushibai Gnaphosidae 118, f. 4A-D,I-J (f) Haplodrassus hatsushibai
Haplodrassus miryangensis Gnaphosidae 119, f. 5A-F (Df) Haplodrassus miryangensis
Haplodrassus montanus Gnaphosidae 119, f. 4E-H (f) Haplodrassus montanus
Zelotes eskovi Gnaphosidae 121, f. 6A-F (f) Zelotes eskovi
Zelotes xiaoi Gnaphosidae 122, f. 7A-F, 8A-G (mf) Zelotes xiaoi
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