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Seo, B. K. (2018). New species and records of the spider families Pholcidae, Uloboridae, Linyphiidae, Theridiidae, Phrurolithidae, and Thomisidae (Araneae) from Korea. Journal of Species Research 7(4): 251-290. doi:10.12651/JSR.2018.7.4.251 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Agyneta furcula Linyphiidae 266, f. 6A-B, 12F-M (Dmf) Agyneta furcula
Agyneta insulana Linyphiidae 272, f. 6C, 13A-E (m) Agyneta insulana
Arcuphantes chiakensis Linyphiidae 275, f. 6D-E, 13F-K (Dmf) Arcuphantes chiakensis
Arcuphantes chilboensis Linyphiidae 275, f. 6F-G, 14A-F (Dmf) Arcuphantes chilboensis
Arcuphantes longiconvolutus Linyphiidae 277, f. 6H, 14G-I (Df) Arcuphantes longiconvolutus
Arcuphantes namweonensis Linyphiidae 277, f. 6I, 15A-D (Dm) Arcuphantes namweonensis
Arcuphantes pennatoides Linyphiidae 277, f. 6J-K, 15E-H,K-M (Dmf) Arcuphantes pennatoides
Arcuphantes pennatus Linyphiidae 279, f. 15I-J (m) Arcuphantes pennatus
Arcuphantes pyeongchangensis Linyphiidae 279, f. 6L, 16A-D (Dm) Arcuphantes pyeongchangensis
Clubiona parva Clubionidae 287 (replacement name) Clubiona parva
Cnephalocotes ferrugineus Linyphiidae 258, f. 5A-B, 7A-E (Dmf) Cnephalocotes ferrugineus
Diplocephaloides falcatus Linyphiidae 259, f. 5C-D, 7F-K (Dmf) Diplocephaloides falcatus
Diplostyla concolor Linyphiidae 266, f. 5S-T, 12A-E (mf) Diplostyla concolor
Doenitzius minutus Linyphiidae 283, f. 6R, 18A-B,E-F (Df) Doenitzius minutus
Doenitzius pruvus Linyphiidae 283, f. 18C-D,G-H (f) Doenitzius pruvus
Erigomicronus flavus Linyphiidae 280, f. 6M-N, 16E-K (Dmf) Collis flavus
Erigomicronus pusillus Linyphiidae 280, f. 6O-P, 17A-G (Dmf) Collis pusillus
Erigomicronus silvaticus Linyphiidae 283, f. 6Q, 17H-K (Dm) Collis silvaticus
Hylyphantes nigritus Linyphiidae 261, f. 5E-F, 8A-F (mf) Hylyphantes nigritus
Hypselistes australis Linyphiidae 261, f. 5G, 8G-I (f) Hypselistes australis
Metopobactrus cornis Linyphiidae 262, f. 5H, 8J-M (Dm) Metopobactrus cornis
Nippononeta bituberculata Linyphiidae 283, f. 6S-T, 18I-O (Dmf) Nippononeta bituberculata
Octonoba bicornuta Uloboridae 257, f. 4G-K (Df) Octonoba bicornuta
Pelecopsis bigibba Linyphiidae 262, f. 5I-J, 9A-H (Dmf) Pelecopsis bigibba
Pelecopsis brunea Linyphiidae 263, f. 5K-L, 9I-O (Dmf) Pelecopsis brunea
Pelecopsis seoi Linyphiidae 263, f. 5M, 10A-F (Dm; secondary homonym of Lophocarenum [= Pelecopsis] montanum Emerton, 1882, see Walckenaeria castanea; primary homonym of Pelecopsis montana Denis, 1960, see Pelecopsis denisi) Pelecopsis montana
Pennalithus splendidus Phrurolithidae 287, f. 20A-H (Dmf) [] Phrurolithus pennatoides
Pholcus jindongensis Pholcidae 252, f. 1A-B, 2A-F (Dmf) Pholcus jindongensis
Pholcus piagolensis Pholcidae 252, f. 1C-D, 2G-L (Dmf) Pholcus piagolensis
Pholcus pyeongchangensis Pholcidae 253, f. 1E-F, 3A-F (Dmf) Pholcus pyeongchangensis
Pholcus seorakensis Pholcidae 256, f. 1G-H, 3G-L (Dmf) Pholcus seorakensis
Pholcus uiseongensis Pholcidae 256, f. 1I-J, 4A-F (Dmf) Pholcus uiseongensis
Phoroncidia altiventris Theridiidae 285, f. 19A-E (m) Phoroncidia altiventris
Tapinocyba parva Linyphiidae 264, f. 5N-O, 10G-N (Dmf) Tapinocyba parva
Tapinocyba subula Linyphiidae 265, f. 5P-Q, 11A-I (Dmf) Tapinocyba subula
Theridula iriomotensis Theridiidae 285, f. 19F-J (m) Theridula iriomotensis
Walckenaeria supercilia Linyphiidae 265, f. 5R, 11J-N (Dm) Walckenaeria supercilia
Xysticus audax Thomisidae 288, f. 20I-K (m) Xysticus audax
Genus Family Page
Collis Seo, 2018 Linyphiidae 279