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Rix, M. G., Wilson, J. D. & Harvey, M. S. (2020a). First phylogenetic assessment and taxonomic synopsis of the open-holed trapdoor spider genus Namea (Mygalomorphae: Anamidae): a highly diverse mygalomorph lineage from Australia’s tropical eastern rainforests. Invertebrate Systematics 34(7): 679-726. doi:10.1071/IS20004 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Namea brisbanensis Anamidae 697, f. 4, 10, 16-28 (m) Namea brisbanensis
Namea bunya Anamidae 708, f. 112-124 (m) Namea bunya
Namea calcaria Anamidae 710, f. 138-150 (m) Namea calcaria
Namea callemonda Anamidae 710, f. 151-163 (m) Namea callemonda
Namea capricornia Anamidae 712, f. 164-176 (m) Namea capricornia
Namea cucurbita Anamidae 699, f. 29-41 (m) Namea cucurbita
Namea dahmsi Anamidae 707, f. 81-85, 90-102 (m) Namea dahmsi
Namea dicalcaria Anamidae 699, f. 42-54 (m) Namea dicalcaria
Namea excavans Anamidae 712, f. 177-189 (m) Namea excavans
Namea flavomaculata Anamidae 701, f. 5-6, 55-67 (m) Namea flavomaculata
Namea jimna Anamidae 708, f. 103, 125-137 (m) Namea jimna
Namea nebulosa Anamidae 712, f. 190-202 (m) Namea nebulosa
Namea olympus Anamidae 714, f. 203-215 (m) Namea olympus
Namea salanitri Anamidae 703, f. 8, 68-80 (m) Namea salanitri
Namea saundersi Anamidae 714, f. 216-228 (m) Namea saundersi
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