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Castalanelli, M. A., Framenau, V. W., Huey, J. A., Hillyer, M. J. & Harvey, M. S. (2020). New species of the open-holed trapdoor spider genus Aname (Araneae: Mygalomorphae: Anamidae) from arid Western Australia. Journal of Arachnology 48(2): 169-213. doi:10.1636/0161-8202-48.2.169 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Aname baileyorum Anamidae 173, f. 8-19 (Dm) Aname baileyorum
Aname frostorum Anamidae 176, f. 20-31 (Dm) Aname frostorum
Aname grothi Anamidae 177, f. 32-43 (Dm) Aname grothi
Aname lorica Anamidae 179, f. 1-4, 44-61 (Dmf) Aname lorica
Aname mcalpinei Anamidae 192, f. 63-74 (Dm) Aname mcalpinei
Aname munyardae Anamidae 194, f. 75-86 (Dm) Aname munyardae
Aname nitidimarina Anamidae 195, f. 87-98 (Dm) Aname nitidimarina
Aname sinuata Anamidae 197, f. 99-116 (Dmf) Aname sinuata
Aname vernonorum Anamidae 201, f. 118-129 (Dm) Aname vernonorum
Aname watsoni Anamidae 202, f. 130-147 (Dmf) Aname watsoni
Aname whitei Anamidae 205, f. 148-165 (Dmf) Aname whitei
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