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Danflous, S., Crowther, R. & Simmons, Z. M. (2020). Identité de Gnaphosa molesta / Identity of Gnaphosa molesta (Araneae; Gnaphosidae). Bulletin de l'Association Française d'Arachnologie 5: 2-9. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Gnaphosa badia Gnaphosidae 8, f. 2, 3A-D (f, S of Gnaphosa molesta Pickard-Cambridge, 1898, removed from S of G. alpica, contra Simon, 1914: 203) Gnaphosa badia
Gnaphosa opaca Gnaphosidae 3 (S of Gnaphosa molesta Herman, 1879 confirmed, S of G. iberica doubtful) Gnaphosa opaca
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