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Schwendinger, P. J., Lehmann-Graber, C., Hongpadharakiree, K. & Syuhadah, N. (2020). New euagrid spider species from Thailand and Malaysia, and new localities of Leptothele bencha (Arachnida: Araneae). Revue Suisse de Zoologie 127(2): 423-453. doi:10.35929/RSZ.0031 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Leptothele bencha Euagridae 428, f. 1E-F, 3A-J, 4A-F (mf) Leptothele bencha
Leptothele chang Euagridae 431, f. 1G-H,K, 5A-I, 6A-K, 7A-D (Dmf) Leptothele chang
Malayathele cameronensis Euagridae 441, f. 10A-E, 11A-K (Dmf) Malayathele cameronensis
Malayathele kanching Euagridae 448, f. 1L, 12E-K, 15A-H, 16A-D (Dmf) Malayathele kanching
Malayathele maculosa Euagridae 444, f. 12A-D, 13a-M, 14A-C (Dmf) Malayathele maculosa
Malayathele ulu Euagridae 437, f. 1I-J, 8A-K, 9A-G (Dmf) Malayathele ulu
Genus Family Page
Malayathele Schwendinger, 2020 Euagridae 435