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Mori, A. & Bertani, R. (2020). Revision and cladistic analysis of Psalistops Simon, 1889, Trichopelma Simon, 1888 and Cyrtogrammomma Pocock, 1895 (Araneae: Theraphosidae) based on a cladistic analysis of relationships of Theraphosidae, Barychelidae and Paratropididae. Zootaxa 4873(1): 1-132. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.4873.1.1 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Cyrtogrammomma monticola Theraphosidae 125, f. 331-335 (f) Cyrtogrammomma monticola
Cyrtogrammomma raveni Theraphosidae 125, f. 336-341 (Df) Cyrtogrammomma raveni
Euthycaelus astutus Theraphosidae 115, f. 311-316 (f, T from Trichopelma) Euthycaelus astutus
Hapalopus gasci Theraphosidae 47, f. 54-59 (f, T from Psalistops) Hapalopus gasci
Holothele maddeni Theraphosidae 123 (T from Trichopelma) Holothele maddeni
Neodiplothele flavicoma Barychelidae 120, f. 323-329 (f, T from Trichopelma) Neodiplothele flavicomus
Psalistops colombianus Theraphosidae 45, f. 48-53 (Df) Psalistops colombianus
Psalistops melanopygius Theraphosidae 39, f. 20-47 (mf, S of Psalistops montigena, P. tigrinus and P. zonatus) Psalistops melanopygius
Psalistops nigrifemuratus Theraphosidae 47 (nomen dubium, misplaced in Psalistops, probably to the Pycnotelidae, genera Rachias or  Stenoterommata) Psalistops nigrifemuratus
Schismatothele lineata Theraphosidae 112, f. 300-305 (f, S of Psalistops = Epipedesis solitarius) Schismatothele lineata
Schismatothele opifex Theraphosidae 118, f. 317-322 (f, T from Psalistops) Schismatothele opifex
Trichopelma affine Theraphosidae 64, f. 101-108 (f) Trichopelma affine
Trichopelma banksia Theraphosidae 70, f. 127-132 (f) Trichopelma banksia
Trichopelma bimini Theraphosidae 106, f. 270-275 (Df) Trichopelma bimini
Trichopelma coenobita Theraphosidae 56, f. 77-94 (Dmf) Trichopelma coenobita
Trichopelma eucubanum Theraphosidae 123 (nomen dubium) Trichopelma eucubanum
Trichopelma fulvum Theraphosidae 79, f. 161-190 (mf, T from Psalistops, S of Psalistops maculosus) Trichopelma fulvus
Trichopelma gabrieli Theraphosidae 92, f. 215-220 (Df) Trichopelma gabrieli
Trichopelma goloboffi Theraphosidae 97, f. 233-238 (Df) Trichopelma goloboffi
Trichopelma huffi Theraphosidae 88, f. 197-214 (Dmf) Trichopelma huffi
Trichopelma illetabile Theraphosidae 115, f. 306-310 (incertae sedis, misplaced in Trichopelma, probably belongs to Barychelidae, Sasoninae, in abstract as nomen dubium) Trichopelma illetabile
Trichopelma insulanum Theraphosidae 72, f. 137 (Dm, f, S of Trichopelma corozali) Trichopelma insulanum
Trichopelma juventud Theraphosidae 99, f. 239-257 (Dmf) Trichopelma juventud
Trichopelma laselva Theraphosidae 85, f. 191-196 (f) Trichopelma laselva
Trichopelma laurae Theraphosidae 103, f. 258-269 (Dm) Trichopelma laurae
Trichopelma loui Theraphosidae 106, f. 276-293 (Dmf) Trichopelma loui
Trichopelma maculatum Theraphosidae 66, f. 109-126 (Dmf) Trichopelma maculatum
Trichopelma nitidum Theraphosidae 53, f. 65-69 (m) Trichopelma nitidum
Trichopelma platnicki Theraphosidae 112, f. 294-299 (Df) Trichopelma platnicki
Trichopelma scopulatum Theraphosidae 121 (nomen dubium) Trichopelma scopulatum
Trichopelma spinosum Theraphosidae 121 (nomen dubium) Trichopelma spinosum
Trichopelma steini Theraphosidae 61, f. 95-100 (f, T from Psalistops) Trichopelma steini
Trichopelma tostoi Theraphosidae 93, f. 221-232 (Dm) Trichopelma tostoi
Trichopelma venadense Theraphosidae 87 (T from Psalistops) Trichopelma venadensis
Trichopelma zebra Theraphosidae 72, f. 133-136 (f) Trichopelma zebra
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