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Rivera-Quiroz, F. A., Petcharad, B. & Miller, J. A. (2020). First records and a new genus of comb-tailed spiders (Araneae: Hahniidae) from Thailand with comments on the six-eyed species of this family. European Journal of Taxonomy 724(1): 51-69. doi:10.5852/ejt.2020.724.1157 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Hahnia ngai Hahniidae 59, f. 4a-g, 6a-c (Df) Hahnia ngai
Hahnia saccata Hahniidae 61, f. 5a-g, 6d-f (f) Hahnia saccata
Hexamatia seekhaow Hahniidae 56, f. 2a-f, 3a-g (Dm) Hexamatia seekhaow
Hexamatia senaria Hahniidae 65 (T from Hahnia) Hexamatia senaria
Genus Family Page
Hexamatia Rivera-Quiroz, Petcharad & Miller, 2020 Hahniidae 56