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Zamani, A. & Bosselaers, J. (2020). The spider family Oecobiidae (Arachnida: Araneae) in Iran, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. European Journal of Taxonomy 726: 38-58. doi:10.5852/ejt.2020.726.1173 download pdf


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Uroctea gambronica Oecobiidae 51, f. 4H, 6E, 7D-F (Dm) Uroctea gambronica
Uroctea grossa Oecobiidae 45, f. 3E-F, 4F-G, 5, 6A-D, 7A-C, 8A-D, 9A-D (Dmf) Uroctea grossa
Uroctea thaleri Oecobiidae 52, f. 3D, 4E, 6F, 7G (m) Uroctea thaleri
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