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Crespo, L. C., Silva, I., EnguĂ­danos, A., Cardoso, P. & Arnedo, M. A. (2021). Integrative taxonomic revision of the woodlouse-hunter spider genus Dysdera (Araneae: Dysderidae) in the Madeira archipelago with notes on its conservation status. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 192(2): 356-415. doi:10.1093/zoolinnean/zlaa089 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Dysdera coiffaiti Dysderidae 367, f. 6A-I, 21A-B, 27A-D, 37A (mf, S of Dysdera longibulbis) Dysdera coiffaiti
Dysdera dissimilis Dysderidae 372, f. 10A-G, 21C-D, 28A-D, 37B (Dmf) Dysdera dissimilis
Dysdera diversa Dysderidae 376, f. 3A, 12A-I, 22A-D, 29A-D (mf, S of Dysdera vandeli) Dysdera diversa
Dysdera exigua Dysderidae 378, f. 13A-F, 23A-B, 30A-D, 37C (Dmf) Dysdera exigua
Dysdera isambertoi Dysderidae 381, f. 3B, 14A-F, 23C-D, 31A-D (Dmf) Dysdera isambertoi
Dysdera portisancti Dysderidae 383, f. 15A-G, 24A-B, 32A-D, 37D (m, Df) Dysdera portisancti
Dysdera precaria Dysderidae 386, f. 16A-F, 24C-D, 33A-D, 37E (Dmf) Dysdera precaria
Dysdera recondita Dysderidae 388, f. 3C, 17A-F, 25A-B, 34A-D (Dmf) Dysdera recondita
Dysdera sandrae Dysderidae 391, f. 18A-F, 25C-D, 35A-D, 37F (Dmf) Dysdera sandrae
Dysdera teixeirai Dysderidae 393, f. 3D, 19A-I, 26A-B, 36A-D (Dmf) Dysdera teixeirai
Dysdera titanica Dysderidae 400, f. 20A-D, 26C-D (Df) Dysdera titanica
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