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Pérez-Miles, F. (2020). Introduction to the Theraphosidae. In: Pérez-Miles, F. (ed.) New World Tarantulas. Zoological Monographs, 6, pp. 1-23. doi:10.1007/978-3-030-48644-0_1 download pdf


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Acanthoscurria cordubensis Theraphosidae 8, f. 1.8b (m) Acanthoscurria cordubensis
Avicularia merianae Theraphosidae 7, f. 1.7d (m) Avicularia merianae
Hapalopus formosus Theraphosidae 8, f. 1.8c (m) Hapalopus formosus
Kankuamo marquezi Theraphosidae 7, f. 1.7b (m) Kankuamo marquezi
Schismatothele olsoni Theraphosidae 8, f. 1.8d (m) Schismatothele olsoni
Schismatothele weinmanni Theraphosidae 7, f. 1.7c (m, lapsus) Schismatothele weimanni
Schizopelma bicarinatum Theraphosidae 10, f. 1.9a (f) Schizopelma bicarinatum
Tmesiphantes crassifemur Theraphosidae 7, f. 1.7a (m) Tmesiphantes crassifemur
Tmesiphantes uru Theraphosidae 8, f. 1.8a (m) Tmesiphantes uru
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