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Okumura, K. (2020b). Three new genera with taxonomic revisions of the subfamily Coelotinae (Araneae: Agelenidae) from Japan. Acta Arachnologica 69(2): 77-94. doi:10.2476/asjaa.69.77 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Aeolocoelotes bifurcatus Agelenidae 82, f. 2A,E, 6.1-19 (mf, T from Coelotes) Aeolocoelotes bifurcatus
Aeolocoelotes mohrii Agelenidae 80, f. 1C,F (mf, T from Coelotes) Aeolocoelotes mohrii
Aeolocoelotes personatus Agelenidae 82, f. 2D,H (mf, T from Coelotes) Aeolocoelotes personatus
Aeolocoelotes saikaiensis Agelenidae 83, f. 2C,G (mf, T from Coelotes) Aeolocoelotes saikaiensis
Aeolocoelotes sanoi Agelenidae 81, f. 1B,E (mf, T from Coelotes) Aeolocoelotes sanoi
Aeolocoelotes unicatus Agelenidae 79, f. 1A,D, 4.1-34, 5.1-32 (mf, T from Coelotes) Aeolocoelotes unicatus
Aeolocoelotes unzenensis Agelenidae 83, f. 2B,F, 7.1-12 (mf, T from Coelotes) Aeolocoelotes unzenensis
Curticoelotes hamamurai Agelenidae 90, f. 9A,C,E (mf, T from Coelotes) Curticoelotes hamamurai
Curticoelotes hiradoensis Agelenidae 88, f. 8A,E,I (mf, T from Coelotes) Curticoelotes hiradoensis
Curticoelotes kintaroi Agelenidae 90, f. 9B,D,F (mf, T from Coelotes) Curticoelotes kintaroi
Curticoelotes oxyacanthus Agelenidae 90, f. 8B,F,J (mf, T from Coelotes) Curticoelotes oxyacanthus
Curticoelotes sawadai Agelenidae 89, f. 8D,H,L (mf, T from Coelotes) Curticoelotes sawadai
Curticoelotes taurus Agelenidae 89, f. 8C,G,K (mf, T from Coelotes) Curticoelotes taurus
Griseidraconarius akakinaensis Agelenidae 93, f. 10C,F,I (mf, T from Coelotes) Griseidraconarius akakinaensis
Griseidraconarius decolor Agelenidae 90, f. 10A,D,G (mf, T from Coelotes) Griseidraconarius decolor
Griseidraconarius iriei Agelenidae 93, f. 10B,E,H (mf, T from Coelotes) Griseidraconarius iriei
Genus Family Page
Aeolocoelotes Okumura, 2020 Agelenidae 79
Curticoelotes Okumura, 2020 Agelenidae 88
Griseidraconarius Okumura, 2020 Agelenidae 90