Included taxa

Hull, J. E. (1911a). Papers on spiders. Transactions of the Natural History Society of Northumberland (N.S.) 3(3): 573-590. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Agyneta decora Linyphiidae 583 Agyneta decora
Agyneta subtilis Linyphiidae 583 Agyneta subtilis
Centromerus dilutus Linyphiidae 583 Rhabdoria diluta
Diplocentria bidentata Linyphiidae 581 Diplocentria rivalis
Halorates reprobus Linyphiidae 581 Halorates reprobus
Halorates reprobus Linyphiidae 584 Centromerus commodus
Oreonetides vaginatus Linyphiidae 580 Oreonetides adipatus
Ostearius melanopygius Linyphiidae 583 Ostearius nigricauda
Genus Family Page
Agyneta Hull, 1911 Linyphiidae ?
Diplocentria Hull, 1911 Linyphiidae ?
Halorates Hull, 1911 Linyphiidae ?
Ostearius Hull, 1911 Linyphiidae ?