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Machado, M. & Teixeira, R. A. (2021). Phylogenetic relationships in Stephanopinae: systematics of Stephanopis and Sidymella based on morphological characters (Araneae: Thomisidae). Organisms Diversity & Evolution 21(2): 281-313. doi:10.1007/s13127-020-00472-x download pdf


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Borboropactus cinerascens Thomisidae 302, f. 12a, f, 13e, 18f (f) Borboropactus cinerascens
Borboropactus nyerere Thomisidae 298, f. 8h, 19e (m) Borboropactus nyerere
Coenypha antennata Thomisidae 296, f. 17d, f (f, T from Stephanopis) Coenypha antennata
Coenypha ditissima Thomisidae 296, f. 20f (m, T from Stephanopis) Coenypha ditissima
Coenypha nodosa Thomisidae 296, f. 18d (f, T from Stephanopis) Coenypha nodosa
Epicadus taczanowskii Thomisidae 300, f. 10c, 11c, 15f, 20d (m) Epicadus taczanowskii
Epicadus trituberculatus Thomisidae 301, f. 11h, 15h, 17h, 19a (mf) Epicadus trituberculatus
Geraesta hirta Thomisidae 299, f. 9d, 14g, 19c (m) Geraesta hirta
Isala arenata Thomisidae 297 (T from Stephanopis) Isala arenata
Isala cambridgei Thomisidae 297, f. 9h, 15c, 19f, 21b (m, T from Stephanopis) Isala cambridgei
Isala longimana Thomisidae 297 (T from Stephanopis) Isala longimana
Isala palliolata Thomisidae 297, f. 20c (m, T from Stephanopis) Isala palliolata
Isala rufiventris Thomisidae 297 (T from Stephanopis) Isala rufiventris
Isala similis Thomisidae 297 (T from Stephanopis) Isala similis
Isala spiralis Thomisidae 297, f. 18a, 20h (mf, T from Stephanopis) Isala spiralis
Kryptochroma pentacantha Thomisidae 298, f. 8c, 11d, 13a, g, 14h, 15b, 19b (m) Stephanopis pentacantha
Onocolus intermedius Thomisidae 299, f. 9c, 21c (m) Onocolus intermedius
Paratobias championi Thomisidae 297, f. 13b, 18c (f, T from Stephanopis) Paratobias championi
Sidymella bicuspidata Thomisidae 299, f. 9a, 10d, 11d, 18h (m) Sidymella bicuspidata
Sidymella furcillata Thomisidae 310, f. 20g (m) Sidymella furcillata
Sidymella hirsuta Thomisidae 306, f. 16c, h, 17e, 20e (mf) Sidymella hirsuta
Sidymella longispina Thomisidae 311, f. 21d (m) Sidymella longispina
Sidymella lucida Thomisidae 309, f. 19d, 20b (m) Sidymella lucida
Stephanopis altifrons Thomisidae 302, f. 12d, 16d, 19h, 21g (m) Stephanopis altifrons
Stephanopis armata Thomisidae 308, f. 18b (f) Stephanopis armata
Stephanopis barbipes Thomisidae 302, f. 12g, 13d, 21a (m) Stephanopis barbipes
Stephanopis bicornis Thomisidae 302, f. 12h, 21h (m) Stephanopis bicornis
Stephanopis fissifrons Thomisidae 303, f. 13c, 20a (m) Stephanopis fissifrons
Stephanopis flagellata Thomisidae 308, f. 18g (m) Stephanopis flagellata
Stephanopis lata Thomisidae 298, f. 8a, 14d, 17a, 18e (f) Stephanopis lata
Stephanopis lobata Thomisidae 295 (T from Sidymella) Stephanopis lobata
Stephanopis monulfi Thomisidae 301, f. 11a, 14c, 16b, 17b-c (f) Stephanopis monulfi
Stephanopis nigra Thomisidae 309, f. 19g (m) Stephanopis nigra
Tmarus polyandrus Thomisidae 298, f. 8e, 21f (m) Tmarus polyandrus
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