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Martínez, L., Brescovit, A. D., Villarreal, E. & Oliveira, L. F. M. (2021). An update of morphological and distributional data of the genus Patrera Simon (Araneae: Anyphaenidae: Anyphaeninae) with the description of twenty-five new species from Colombia. Zootaxa 4914(1): 1-64. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.4914.1.1 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Patrera anchicaya Anyphaenidae 11, f. 4A-G (Dmf) Patrera anchicaya
Patrera armata Anyphaenidae 45, f. 22A-H (mf, S of Aysha strandi) Patrera armata
Patrera auricoma Anyphaenidae 8, f. 3A-G (m, Df) Patrera auricoma
Patrera barbacoas Anyphaenidae 13, f. 5A-D (Dm) Patrera barbacoas
Patrera bonaldoi Anyphaenidae 29, f. 13A-G (Dmf) Patrera bonaldoi
Patrera borjai Anyphaenidae 13, f. 6A-G (Dmf) Patrera borjai
Patrera boteroi Anyphaenidae 30, f. 14A-D (Dm) Patrera boteroi
Patrera carvalhoi Anyphaenidae 31, f. 15A-G (Dmf) Patrera carvalhoi
Patrera chucurui Anyphaenidae 47, f. 24A-I (Dmf) Patrera chucurui
Patrera danielae Anyphaenidae 16, f. 7A-G (Dmf) Patrera danielae
Patrera dawkinsi Anyphaenidae 50, f. 25A-D (Dm) Patrera dawkinsi
Patrera dentata Anyphaenidae 50, f. 26A-F (Dm) Patrera dentata
Patrera dimar Anyphaenidae 18, f. 8A-G (Dmf) Patrera dimar
Patrera dracula Anyphaenidae 53, f. 27A-F (Dm) Patrera dracula
Patrera florezi Anyphaenidae 33, f. 16A-G (Dmf) Patrera florezi
Patrera fulvastra Anyphaenidae 6, f. 1A-G (mf) Patrera fulvastra
Patrera kuryi Anyphaenidae 53, f. 28A-G (Dmf) Patrera kuryi
Patrera longitibialis Anyphaenidae 55, f. 29A-E (Dm) Patrera longitibialis
Patrera perafani Anyphaenidae 20, f. 9A-G (Dmf) Patrera perafani
Patrera perijaensis Anyphaenidae 35, f. 17A-C (Df) Patrera perijaensis
Patrera platnicki Anyphaenidae 21, f. 10A-D (Dm) Patrera platnicki
Patrera quillacinga Anyphaenidae 23, f. 11A-G (Dmf) Patrera quillacinga
Patrera quimbaya Anyphaenidae 36, f. 18A-G (Dmf) Patrera quimbaya
Patrera ramirezi Anyphaenidae 25, f. 12A-G (Dmf) Patrera ramirezi
Patrera rubra Anyphaenidae 8, f. 2A-G (mf) Patrera ruber
Patrera sampedroi Anyphaenidae 37, f. 19A-D (Dm) Patrera sampedroi
Patrera sutu Anyphaenidae 46, f. 23A-E (Dm) Patrera sutu
Patrera wiwa Anyphaenidae 41, f. 21A-G (Dmf) Patrera wiwa
Patrera yukpa Anyphaenidae 39, f. 20A-G (Dmf) Patrera yukpa
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