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Wang, L. Y., Lu, T., Cai, D. C., Barrion, A. T., Heong, K. L., Li, S. Q. & Zhang, Z. S. (2021a). Review of the wolf spiders from Hainan Island, China (Araneae: Lycosidae). Zoological Systematics 46(1): 16-74. doi:10.11865/zs.2021102 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Allotrochosina huangi Lycosidae 17, f. 1A-B, 3A-I, 4A-D, 5A-E (Dmf) Allotrochosina huangi
Allotrochosina limu Lycosidae 22, f. 6A-C, 7A-B (Dm) Allotrochosina limu
Arctosa depectinata Lycosidae 24, f. 1C-D, 8A-H, 9A-D (mf) Arctosa depectinata
Arctosa hainan Lycosidae 24, f. 10A-H, 11A-F, 12A-D (Dmf) Arctosa hainan
Arctosa springiosa Lycosidae 25, f. 13A-H, 14A-E, 15A-D (mf, S of Arctosa danzhounensis) Arctosa springiosa
Arctosa tangguoi Lycosidae 25, f. 16A-E, 17A-D, 18A-B (Dm) Arctosa tangguoi
Arctosa tridentata Lycosidae 26, f. 19A-F, 20A-D (m, Df) Arctosa tridentata
Arctosa vaginalis Lycosidae 34, f. 1E-F, 21A-H, 22A-D (mf) Arctosa vaginalis
Hippasa holmerae Lycosidae 36, f. 23A-H, 24A-F, 25A-D (mf, S of Hippasa sinsiloides) Hippasa holmerae
Hippasosa qiongzhongensis Lycosidae 42, f. 2A-B, 33A-H, 34A-F, 35A-D (m, Df) Ocyale qiongzhongensis
Lycosa grahami Lycosidae 37, f. 26A-F (mf) Lycosa grahami
Lycosa vittata Lycosidae 37, f. 28A-B, 29A-E (mf, S of Lycosa hawigvittata) Lycosa vittata
Lysania pygmaea Lycosidae 40, f. 30A-H, 31A-C, 32A-D (mf, S of Pirata sanya) Lysania pygmaea
Ovia alboannulata Lycosidae 47, f. 2C, 36A-F, 37A-B, 38A-D (m) Ovia alboannulata
Ovia macritchie Lycosidae 48, f. 39A-H, 40A-D, 41A-F (mf) Ovia macritchie
Pardosa aciculifera Lycosidae 48, f. 42A-H (mf) Pardosa aciculifera
Pardosa pseudoannulata Lycosidae 48, f. 43A-I, 44A-F (mf) Pardosa pseudoannulata
Pardosa pusiola Lycosidae 49, f. 45A-F, 46A-I (mf, S of Pardosa daxiansongi) Pardosa pusiola
Pardosa sumatrana Lycosidae 50, f. 47A-I, 48A-F (mf, S of Pardosa tieshinglii and of P. villarealae) Pardosa sumatrana
Pirata subpiraticus Lycosidae 53, f. 49A-D, 50A-H, 51A-D (mf, S of Pirata catindigae) Pirata subpiraticus
Piratula meridionalis Lycosidae 55, f. 52A-H, 53A-E, 54A-D (mf) Piratula meridionalis
Piratula piratoides Lycosidae 57, f. 55A-H, 56A-D, 57A-D (mf) Piratula piratoides
Trochosa bannaensis Lycosidae 57, f. 58A-H, 59A-C, 60A-D (mf) Trochosa bannaensis
Trochosa honggiana Lycosidae 61, f. 61A-C, 62A-B (f) Trochosa honggiana
Trochosa ruricoloides Lycosidae 64, f. 63A-H, 64A-E, 65A-D (mf) Trochosa ruricoloides
Wadicosa fidelis Lycosidae 66, f. 66A-H, 67A-D, 68A-D (mf) Wadicosa fidelis
Wadicosa okinawensis Lycosidae 68, f. 2D-F, 69A-H, 70A-E, 71A-D (mf) Wadicosa okinawensis
Zoica hainan Lycosidae 70, f. 72A-H, 73A-D, 74A-D (Dmf) Zoica hainan
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