Included taxa

Jackson, A. R. (1911b). Notes on arachnids observed during 1910. I. On three additions to the British fauna. The Lancashire Naturalist 4(36): 385-392. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Mioxena blanda Linyphiidae 388, pl. 12, f. 8-14 (m, Df) Gongylidiellum blandum
Phrurolithus minimus Phrurolithidae 385, pl. 12, f. 1-3 (m) Phrurolithus minimus
Semljicola faustus Linyphiidae 390 Gongylidiellum faustum
Tibellus maritimus Philodromidae 387, pl. 12, f. 4, 6 (mf) Tibellus maritimus
Tibellus oblongus Philodromidae 387, pl. 12, f. 5, 7 (mf) Tibellus oblongus
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