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Ihara, Y., Koike, N. & Nakano, T. (2021). Integrative taxonomy reveals multiple lineages of the spider genus Cybaeus endemic to the Ryukyu Islands, Japan (Arachnida: Araneae: Cybaeidae). Invertebrate Systematics 35(2): 216-254. doi:10.1071/IS20070 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Cybaeus aikana Cybaeidae 233, f. 16A-C, 17A-E, 18A-B (Dmf) Cybaeus aikana
Cybaeus amamiensis Cybaeidae 231, f. 11B, E, H, 14A-B, 15A-E (Dmf) Cybaeus amamiensis
Cybaeus ashikitaensis Cybaeidae 221, f. 4D-E, 5C-D (mf) Cybaeus ashikitaensis
Cybaeus hikidai Cybaeidae 237, f. 20A-J, 21, 22A-C (Dmf) Cybaeus hikidai
Cybaeus kodama Cybaeidae 229, f. 12A-D, F, 13A-G (Dmf) Cybaeus kodama
Cybaeus kumadori Cybaeidae 224, f. 7A-D, 8A-G (Dmf) Cybaeus kumadori
Cybaeus okumurai Cybaeidae 221, f. 3A-D, 4A-C, F-G, 5A-B (Dmf) Cybaeus okumurai
Cybaeus tokunoshimensis Cybaeidae 235, f. 11C, F, 19A-J (Dmf) Cybaeus tokunoshimensis
Cybaeus yakushimensis Cybaeidae 226, f. 9A-D, 10A-E, 11A, D, G, 12E (Dmf) Cybaeus yakushimensis
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