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González Márquez, M. E., Grismado, C. J. & Ramírez, M. J. (2021). A taxonomic revision of the spider genus Meriola Banks (Araneae: Trachelidae). Zootaxa 4936(1): 1-113. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.4936.1.1 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Meriola arcifera Trachelidae 12, f. 7a-h, 8a-f, 9a-d (mf) Meriola arcifera
Meriola avalosi Trachelidae 17, f. 10a-h, 11a-f, 12a-f (Dmf) Meriola avalosi
Meriola balcarce Trachelidae 18, f. 13a-h, 14a-f, 15a-e (m, Df) Meriola balcarce
Meriola californica Trachelidae 23, f. 16a-h, 17a-f, 18a-d (mf) Meriola californica
Meriola cetiformis Trachelidae 26, f. 1f, 19a-h, 20a-h, 21a-d (mf) Meriola cetiformis
Meriola davidi Trachelidae 34, f. 22a-h, 23a-g, 24a-e (m, Df) Meriola davidi
Meriola decepta Trachelidae 37, f. 25a-h, 26a-f, 27a-d (mf) Meriola decepta
Meriola fasciata Trachelidae 40, f. 1a-b, 2e-g, 4a-b, 28a-h, 29a-f, 30a-e (mf) Meriola fasciata
Meriola foraminosa Trachelidae 43, f. 31a-h, 32a-f, 33a-d (mf) Meriola foraminosa
Meriola gallina Trachelidae 46, f. 34a-h, 35a-f, 36a-d (mf) Meriola gallina
Meriola goloboffi Trachelidae 49, f. 37a-f, 38a-d (m) Meriola goloboffi
Meriola lineolata Trachelidae 50, f. 39a-h, 40a-h, 41a-i, 42a-c (m, Df, T from Cetonana) [N.B.: it is a secondary homonym of M. lineolata (Mello-Leitão, 1938), S of Meriola arcifera, and needs no replacement name] Meriola lineolata
Meriola longitarsis Trachelidae 54, f. 43a-h, 44a-g, 45a-b, d-i (mf) Meriola longitarsis
Meriola macrocephala Trachelidae 56, f. 1g, 4c-d, g, 5a-f, 6a-i, 46a-h, 47a-g, 48a-d, f-j (mf, T from Trachelopachys, removed from nomen dubium contra Platnick & Ewing, 1995: 7, S of Meriola barrosi) Meriola macrocephala
Meriola manuel Trachelidae 67, f. 2a-d, 49a-h, 50a-f, 51a-d (mf) Meriola manuel
Meriola mauryi Trachelidae 68, f. 3d-g, 52a-h, 53a-f, 54a-d (mf) Meriola mauryi
Meriola nague Trachelidae 72, f. 55a-h, 56a-h, 57a-i (mf) Meriola nague
Meriola obliterata Trachelidae 58 (removed from S of Meriola macrocephala, rejecting Simon, 1904e: 103, nomen dubium) Meriola obliterata
Meriola penai Trachelidae 72, f. 3a-c, 4e-f, h, 58a-i, 59a-f, 60a-e (mf) Meriola penai
Meriola peras Trachelidae 73, f. 61a-h, 62a-i, 63a-d (Dmf) Meriola peras
Meriola puyehue Trachelidae 81, f. 64a-h, 65a-f, 66a-f (mf) Meriola puyehue
Meriola quilicura Trachelidae 84, f. 67a-h, 68a-f, 69a-g (m, Df) Meriola quilicura
Meriola rahue Trachelidae 88, f. 1e, 4d, 6j-l, 70a-h, 71a-f, 72a-d (mf) Meriola rahue
Meriola ramirezi Trachelidae 89, f. 73a-h, 74a-h, 75a-f (m, Df) Meriola ramirezi
Meriola setosa Trachelidae 93, f. 76a-h, 77a-f, 78a-d, f-h, 79a-e (mf, T from Cetonana, S of Meriola hyltonae) Meriola setosa
Meriola tablas Trachelidae 103, f. 80a-h, 81a-f, 82a-d (mf) Meriola tablas
Meriola teresita Trachelidae 105, f. 83a-h, 84a-f, 85a-d (mf) Meriola teresita
Meriola ultima Trachelidae 58 (removed from S of Meriola macrocephala, rejecting Simon, 1904e: 103, nomen dubium) Meriola ultima
Meriola virgata Trachelidae 111, f. 86a-h, 87a-f, 88a-e (mf) Meriola virgata
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