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Yao, Z. Y., Wang, X. & Li, S. Q. (2021). Tip of the iceberg: species diversity of Pholcus spiders (Araneae, Pholcidae) in the Changbai Mountains, northeast China. Zoological Research 42(3): 267-271 & Supplement pp. 1-60. doi:10.24272/j.issn.2095-8137.2021.037 download pdf


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Pholcus decorus Pholcidae S6, f. 2B.1 (m) Pholcus decorus
Pholcus fengcheng Pholcidae S7, f. 2B.2 (m) Pholcus fengcheng
Pholcus foliaceus Pholcidae S7, f. 2B.3, S4A-D (mf) Pholcus foliaceus
Pholcus gaizhou Pholcidae S8, f. 2B.4, S5A-D, S6A-H (Dmf) Pholcus gaizhou
Pholcus gaoi Pholcidae S9, f. 2B.5 (m) Pholcus gaoi
Pholcus guanshui Pholcidae S10, f. 2B.6, S7A-D, S8A-H (Dmf) Pholcus guanshui
Pholcus hamatus Pholcidae S11, f. 2B.7, S9A-D (mf) Pholcus hamatus
Pholcus jiguanshan Pholcidae S12, f. 2B.8, S10A-D, S11A-H (Dmf) Pholcus jiguanshan
Pholcus jiuwei Pholcidae S13, f. 2B.9, S12A-D (mf) Pholcus jiuwei
Pholcus lingulatus Pholcidae S13, f. 2B.10, S1A (m) Pholcus lingulatus
Pholcus longxigu Pholcidae S14, f. 2B.11, 13A-D, 14A-H (Dmf) Pholcus longxigu
Pholcus luoquanbei Pholcidae S15, f. 2B.12, 15A-D, 16A-H (Dmf) Pholcus luoquanbei
Pholcus ningan Pholcidae S16, f. 2B.13 (m) Pholcus ningan
Pholcus phoenixus Pholcidae S17, f. 2B.14 (m) Pholcus phoenixus
Pholcus shenshi Pholcidae S18, f. 2B.15, 17A-D, 18A-H (Dmf) Pholcus shenshi
Pholcus sublingulatus Pholcidae S19, f. 2B.16 (m) Pholcus sublingulatus
Pholcus tianmenshan Pholcidae S19, f. 2B.17, 19A-D, 20A-H (Dmf) Pholcus tianmenshan
Pholcus tongi Pholcidae S20, f. 2B.18 (m) Pholcus tongi
Pholcus wangi Pholcidae S21, f. 2B.19 (m) Pholcus wangi
Pholcus wangjiang Pholcidae S22, f. 2B.20, 21A-D, 22A-H (Dmf) Pholcus wangjiang
Pholcus wangtian Pholcidae S23, f. 2B.21, 23A-D (mf) Pholcus wangtian
Pholcus xianrendong Pholcidae S24, f. 2B.22, 24A-D (mf) Pholcus xianrendong
Pholcus xingqi Pholcidae S24, f. 2B.23, 25A-D, 26A-H (Dmf) Pholcus xingqi
Pholcus yaoshan Pholcidae S25, f. 2B.24, 27A-D, 28A-H (Dmf) Pholcus yaoshan
Pholcus yuhuangshan Pholcidae S27, f. 2B.25, S1A, 29A-D, 30A-H (Dmf) Pholcus yuhuangshan
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