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Oliveira, L. F. M. de & Brescovit, A. D. (2021). Taxonomic revision and cladistic analysis of ghost spiders of the genus Tafana Simon, 1903 (Araneae: Dionycha, Anyphaenidae), with the descriptions of twelve new species. European Journal of Taxonomy 742: 1-77. doi:10.5852/ejt.2021.742.1291 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Arachosia praesignis Anyphaenidae 68, f. 6A, C, F, H, J, 7A, C, 32A (mf) Arachosia praesignis
Aysha prospera Anyphaenidae 68, f. 6D, I, 7B, 32C (mf) Aysha prospera
Patrera fulvastra Anyphaenidae 68, f. 6B, L, 7D, 32E (mf) Patrera fulvastra
Tafana arawak Anyphaenidae 47, f. 27A-G, 33E (Dmf) Tafana arawak
Tafana chimire Anyphaenidae 42, 24A-E (Dm) Tafana chimire
Tafana huatanay Anyphaenidae 33, f. 19A-G, 20A-F, 33A (Dmf) Tafana huatanay
Tafana humahuaca Anyphaenidae 25, f. 15A-G, 32J (Dmf) Tafana humahuaca
Tafana kunturmarqa Anyphaenidae 23, f. 14A-G, 32I (Dmf) Tafana kunturmarqa
Tafana maracay Anyphaenidae 24, f. 8C-F, 25A-G, 26A-F, 33D (Dmf) Tafana maracay
Tafana nevada Anyphaenidae 30, f. 17A-G, 18A-C, 32L (Dmf) Tafana nevada
Tafana oliviae Anyphaenidae 52, f. 29A-G, 33G (Dmf) Tafana oliviae
Tafana orinoco Anyphaenidae 54, f. 30A-G, 31A-C, 33H (Dmf) Tafana orinoco
Tafana pastaza Anyphaenidae 28, f. 8L, 16A-G, 32K (Dmf) Tafana pastaza
Tafana pitieri Anyphaenidae 49, f. 28A-G, 33F (Dmf) Tafana pitieri
Tafana quelchi Anyphaenidae 21, f. 13A-G, 32H (mf) Tafana quelchi
Tafana riveti Anyphaenidae 15, f. 6G, 9B, E-F, 10A-G, 32F (mf) Tafana riveti
Tafana ruizi Anyphaenidae 37, f. 21A-G, 33B (Dmf) Tafana ruizi
Tafana silhavyi Anyphaenidae 39, f. 6E, 8A-B, G-K, 9A, C-D, 22A-G, 23A-C, 33C (m, Df) Tafana silhavyi
Tafana straminea Anyphaenidae 18, f. 11A-G, 12A-C, 32G (Dmf) Tafana straminea
Xiruana gracilipes Anyphaenidae 68, f. 6K, 7E, 32B (mf) Xiruana gracilipes
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