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Godwin, R. L. & Bond, J. E. (2021). Taxonomic revision of the New World members of the trapdoor spider genus Ummidia Thorell (Araneae, Mygalomorphae, Halonoproctidae). ZooKeys 1027: 1-65. doi:10.3897/zookeys.1027.54888 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Ummidia anaya Halonoproctidae 105, f. 3I, 42A-E (Dm) Ummidia anaya
Ummidia asperula Halonoproctidae 152, f. 68A-B, 69A-E (Dmf) Ummidia asperula
Ummidia audouini Halonoproctidae 16, f. 3A-B 4A-B, 5A-E (mf; S of Ummidia absoluta and U. tuobita) Ummidia audouini
Ummidia beatula Halonoproctidae 55, f. 18A-B, 19A-E (Dmf, S of Ummidia pygmaea) Ummidia beatula
Ummidia brandicarlileae Halonoproctidae 110, f. 45A-B, 46A-E (Dmf) Ummidia brandicarlileae
Ummidia carabivora Halonoproctidae 37, f. 10A-B, 11A-E (Dm, f, S of Ummidia carabivora emarginata) Ummidia carabivora
Ummidia carlosviquezi Halonoproctidae 132, f. 57A-B, 58A-E (Dmf) Ummidia carlosviquezi
Ummidia cerrohoya Halonoproctidae 144, f. 63A-B (Df) Ummidia cerrohoya
Ummidia colemanae Halonoproctidae 61, f. 20A-E (Dm) Ummidia colemanae
Ummidia cuicatec Halonoproctidae 107, f. 43A-B, 44A-E (Dmf) Ummidia cuicatec
Ummidia erema Halonoproctidae 145, f. 64A-B, 65A-E (Dmf) Ummidia erema
Ummidia frankellerae Halonoproctidae 118, f. 49A-B (Df) Ummidia frankellerae
Ummidia funerea Halonoproctidae 63, f. 21A-B, 22A-E (m, Df, S of Ummidia celsa) Ummidia funerea
Ummidia gabrieli Halonoproctidae 90, f. 34A-B, 35A-E (Dmf) Ummidia gabrieli
Ummidia gertschi Halonoproctidae 80, f. 30A-B, 31A-F (Dmf) Ummidia gertschi
Ummidia gingoteague Halonoproctidae 33, f. 3D-E, 8A-B, 9A-E (Dmf) Ummidia gingoteague
Ummidia hondurena Halonoproctidae 122, f. 3D, 51A-B, 52A-E (Dmf) Ummidia hondurena
Ummidia huascazaloya Halonoproctidae 101, f. 3F, 40A-B, 41A-E (Dmf) Ummidia huascazaloya
Ummidia macarthuri Halonoproctidae 51, f. 16A-B, 17A-E (Dmf) Ummidia macarthuri
Ummidia matagalpa Halonoproctidae 127, f. 54A-B (Df) Ummidia matagalpa
Ummidia mercedesburnsae Halonoproctidae 70, f. 24A-B, 25A-E (Dmf) Ummidia mercedesburnsae
Ummidia modesta Halonoproctidae 75, f. 27A-B, 28A-E (m, Df) Ummidia modesta
Ummidia neblina Halonoproctidae 155, f. 70A-B (Df) Ummidia neblina
Ummidia neilgaimani Halonoproctidae 27, f. 3G-H, 6A-B, 7A-E (Dmf) Ummidia neilgaimani
Ummidia nidulans Halonoproctidae 159, f. 73A-B (f) Ummidia nidulans
Ummidia oaxacana Halonoproctidae 16 (nomen dubium) Ummidia oaxacana
Ummidia okefenokee Halonoproctidae 46, f. 14A-E (Dm) Ummidia okefenokee
Ummidia paulacushingae Halonoproctidae 73, f. 26A-E (Dm) Ummidia paulacushingae
Ummidia pesiou Halonoproctidae 94, f. 36A-B (Df) Ummidia pesiou
Ummidia pustulosa Halonoproctidae 99, f. 39A-B (f) Ummidia pustulosa
Ummidia quepoa Halonoproctidae 141, f. 61A-B, 62A-E (Dmf) Ummidia quepoa
Ummidia quijichacaca Halonoproctidae 149, f. 66A-B (Df) Ummidia quijichacaca
Ummidia richmond Halonoproctidae 48, f. 15A-E (Dm) Ummidia richmond
Ummidia riverai Halonoproctidae 116, f. 48A-E (Dm) Ummidia riverai
Ummidia rodeo Halonoproctidae 95, f. 37A-B, 38A-E (Dmf) Ummidia rodeo
Ummidia rongodwini Halonoproctidae 41, f. 12A-B, 13A-E (Dmf) Ummidia rongodwini
Ummidia rosillos Halonoproctidae 67, f. 23A-E (Dm) Ummidia rosillos
Ummidia rugosa Halonoproctidae 128, f. 55A-C, 56A-E (mf, S of Hebestatis lanthanus) Ummidia rugosa
Ummidia salebrosa Halonoproctidae 158, f. 72A-B (f) Ummidia salebrosa
Ummidia tibacuy Halonoproctidae 150, f. 67A-B (Df) Ummidia tibacuy
Ummidia timcotai Halonoproctidae 86, f. 32A-B, 33A-E (Dmf) Ummidia timcotai
Ummidia tunapuna Halonoproctidae 157, f. f71A-B (Df) Ummidia tunapuna
Ummidia varablanca Halonoproctidae 137, f. 59A-B, 60A-E (Dmf) Ummidia varablanca
Ummidia waunekaae Halonoproctidae 78, f. 29A-E (Dm) Ummidia waunekaae
Ummidia yojoa Halonoproctidae 125, f. 53A-E (Dm) Ummidia yojoa
Ummidia zebrina Halonoproctidae 114, f. 47A-E (m) Ummidia zebrina
Ummidia zilchi Halonoproctidae 119, f. 50A-E (m) Ummidia zilchi
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