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Drolshagen, B. & Bäckstam, C. M. (2021). A taxonomic review of the mygalomorph spider genus Linothele Karsch, 1879 (Araneae, Dipluridae). Zoosystema 43(10): 163-196. doi:10.5252/zoosystema2021v43a10 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Brachythele keithi Nemesiidae 191 (T from Linothele, nomen dubium) Brachythele keithi
Diplura gymnognatha Dipluridae 190 (T from Linothele, nomen dubium) Diplura gymnognatha
Ischnothele caudata Ischnothelidae 192 (S of Linothele dubia) Ischnothele caudata
Linothele borgmeyeri Dipluridae 189 (nomen dubium, removed from S of Linothele gymnognatha, rejecting Bücherl, Timotheo & Lucas, 1971: 128, sub Diplura) Linothele borgmeyeri
Linothele curvitarsis Dipluridae 171, f. 3A, 5A-B, 6A-I, 17A-E, 19A-B (mf, S of Linothele soricina) Linothele curvitarsis
Linothele fallax Dipluridae 174, f. 2, 7A-H, 18A-C, 19H-J (Dm, f) Linothele fallax
Linothele gaujoni Dipluridae 176, f. 5C-D, 8A-D, 18D-E, 19G (f) Linothele gaujoni
Linothele jelskii Dipluridae 176, f. 3B, 9A-D, 18F-G (m) Linothele jelskii
Linothele longicauda Dipluridae 177, f. 10A-C (f, S of Linothele aequatorialis and L. cousini) Linothele longicauda
Linothele macrothelifera Dipluridae 178, f. 11A-D, 17F-H (f) Linothele macrothelifera
Linothele paulistana Dipluridae 180, f. 12A-E (f, S of Linothele annulifila) Linothele paulistana
Linothele septentrionalis Dipluridae 182, f. 13A-C, 17I-J (Df) Linothele septentrionalis
Linothele sericata Dipluridae 183 (S of Linothele bitaeniata, L. nigerrima (both removed from S with L. aequatorialis, rejecting Bücherl, Timotheo & Lucas, 1971: 117) and of L. megatheloides) Linothele sericata
Linothele sexfasciata Dipluridae 184, f. 14 (f) Linothele sexfasciata
Linothele spinosa Dipluridae 184, f. 15A-H, 17K-M, 19F (Dmf) Linothele spinosa
Linothele uniformis Dipluridae 186, f. 16A-D (Df) Linothele uniformis
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