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Sankaran, P. M., Caleb, J. T. D. & Sebastian, P. A. (2021b). On the taxonomic validity of Indian ground spiders: IV. Genera Apodrassodes Vellard, 1924, Herpyllus Hentz, 1832 and Sergiolus Simon, 1892 (Araneae: Gnaphosidae). Journal of Natural History 54(43-44): 2839-2857. doi:10.1080/00222933.2020.1871523 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Coillina yogeshi Gnaphosidae 284, f. 1a-c, 2a-d (m, T from Apodrassodes, S of Coillina baka) Coillina yogeshi
Hitobia lamhetaghatensis Gnaphosidae 2847 (T from Sergiolus) Hitobia lamhetaghatensis
Hitobia meghalayensis Gnaphosidae 2848, f. 5a-d (f, T from Sergiolus) Hitobia meghalayensis
Hitobia poonaensis Gnaphosidae 2851, f. 6a-f, 7a-e (mf, T from Sergiolus) Hitobia poonaensis
Hitobia singhi Gnaphosidae 2852, f. 8a-d (f, T from Sergiolus) Hitobia singhi
Poecilochroa khodiar Gnaphosidae 2854 (T from Sergiolus) Poecilochroa khodiar
Scotophaeus goaensis Gnaphosidae 2843, f. 3a-c (f, T from Herpyllus) Scotophaeus goaensis
Zelotes calcuttaensis Gnaphosidae 2844, f. 4a-c (f, T from Herpyllus) Zelotes calcuttaensis
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