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Templeton, R. (1835). On the spiders of the genus Dysdera Latr. with the description of a new allied genus. The Zoological Journal 5: 400-408. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Harpactea hombergi Dysderidae 402, pl. 17, f. 1-9 (Df) Dysdera templetoni
Harpactea hombergi Dysderidae 401, 403, pl. 17, f. 1-9 (Df) Harpactes latreillii
Oonops pulcher Oonopidae 404, pl. 17, f. 10-18 (Df) Oonops pulcher
Genus Family Page
Oonops Templeton, 1835 Oonopidae ?