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Bosmans, R. & Hervé, C. (2021). Less is more: eight new synonyms in Mediterranean spiders (Araneae), with a new Pelecopsis species from Tunisia (Linyphiidae). Arachnologische Mitteilungen 61: 58-64. doi:10.30963/aramit6109 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Drassodes obscurus Gnaphosidae 59, f. 2a (f) Drassodes obscurus
Megamyrmaekion caudatum Gnaphosidae 60, f. 2b-c (f, S of Drassodes tarrhunensis) Megamyrmaekion caudatum
Neoscona subfusca Araneidae 58, f. 1a-g (mf, S of Araneus arganicola) Neoscona subfusca
Odontodrassus mundulus Gnaphosidae 60 (S of Drassodes nugatorius) Odontodrassus mundulus
Pelecopsis pavesii Linyphiidae 61, f. 3a-g, 4a-c (Dm) Pelecopsis pavesii
Poecilochroa pugnax Gnaphosidae 60, f. 2d-e (f, S of Drassodes sockniensis) Poecilochroa pugnax
Setaphis mollis Gnaphosidae 61 (S of Pseudodrassus quadridentatus and Zelotes quadridentatus, the latter removed from nomen dubium, rejecting Nentwig et al., 2020: 24) Setaphis mollis
Steatoda erigoniformis Theridiidae 63, f. 5a-f (f, S of Euryopis albomaculata) Steatoda erigoniformis
Zelotes tragicus Gnaphosidae 61, f. 2f (f, S of Zelotes kerimi) Zelotes tragicus
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