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Zhang, J. S., Yu, H. & Li, S. Q. (2021a). Taxonomic studies on the sac spider genus Clubiona (Araneae, Clubionidae) from Xishuangbanna Rainforest, China. ZooKeys 1034: 1-163. doi:10.3897/zookeys.1034.59413 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Clubiona abnormis Clubionidae 43, f. 30A-E, 31A-C, 60C, 70C (m) Clubiona abnormis
Clubiona banna Clubionidae 43, f. 32A-E, 33A-H, 58C, 68C, 78E, 86E, 94E (Dmf) Clubiona banna
Clubiona bicornis Clubionidae 54, f. 48A-G, 61A, 71A, 77F, 85F, 93F (m, Df) Clubiona bicornis
Clubiona cheni Clubionidae 55, f. 61B, 71B, 78A, 86A, 94A (mf) Clubiona cheni
Clubiona circulata Clubionidae 45, f. 34A-E, 35A-H, 59C, 69C, 79A, 87A, 95A (mf, S of Clubiona vukomi) Clubiona circulata
Clubiona cochlearis Clubionidae 17, f. 1A-G, 53A, 63A, 73A, 81A, 89A (m, Df) Clubiona cochlearis
Clubiona dengpao Clubionidae 19, f. 2A-G, 73B, 81B, 89B (Df) Clubiona dengpao
Clubiona didentata Clubionidae 20, f. 54A, 64A, 74E, 82E, 90E (mf) Clubiona didentata
Clubiona filicata Clubionidae 47, f. 38A-E, 39A-C, 58B, 68B (m) Clubiona filicata
Clubiona grucollaris Clubionidae 48, f. 40A-E, 41A-H, 60A, 70A, 79C, 87C, 95C (mf) Clubiona grucollaris
Clubiona jiandan Clubionidae 58, f. 62C, 72C, 80B, 88B, 96B (mf) Clubiona jiandan
Clubiona kai Clubionidae 20, f. 54B, 64B, 74C, 82C, 90C (mf) Clubiona kai
Clubiona kurosawai Clubionidae 21, f. 3A-E, 4A-H, 56A, 66A, 76A, 84A, 92A (mf) Clubiona kurosawai
Clubiona lala Clubionidae 48, f. 42A-E, 43A-H, 60B, 70B, 79D, 87D, 95D (m, Df) Clubiona lala
Clubiona melanosticta Clubionidae 49, f. 44A-E, 45A-H, 59A, 69A, 78F, 86F, 94F (mf, S of Clubiona melanothele) Clubiona melanosticta
Clubiona menglun Clubionidae 56, f. 49A-G, 78B, 86B, 94B (Df) Clubiona menglun
Clubiona mii Clubionidae 35, f. 27A-G, 77A, 85A, 93A (Df) Clubiona mii
Clubiona moralis Clubionidae 21, f. 5A-E, 6A-H, 55A, 65A, 75A, 83A, 91A (mf) Clubiona moralis
Clubiona multidentata Clubionidae 21, f. 7A-E, 8A-H, 56B, 66B, 75D, 83D, 91D (mf) Clubiona multidentata
Clubiona parconcinna Clubionidae 22, f. 9A-E, 10A-H, 55C, 65C, 75C, 83C, 91C (mf) Clubiona parconcinna
Clubiona pollicaris Clubionidae 22, f. 11A-E, 12A-H, 56C, 66C, 76B, 84B, 92B (mf) Clubiona pollicaris
Clubiona rama Clubionidae 23, f. 13A-E, 14A-C, 53B, 63B (m) Clubiona rama
Clubiona reichlini Clubionidae 46, f. 36A-E, 37A-H, 58A, 68A, 79B, 87B, 95B (mf, removed from S of Clubiona deletrix, rejecting Zhang, 1991a: 9) Clubiona reichlini
Clubiona shuangsi Clubionidae 58, f. 50A-E, 51A-H, 62D, 72D, 80D, 88D, 96D (Dmf) Clubiona shuangsi
Clubiona subasrevida Clubionidae 57, f. 61C, 71C, 78C, 86C, 94C (mf) Clubiona subasrevida
Clubiona subdidentata Clubionidae 23, f. 15A-G, 74F, 82F, 90F (Df) Clubiona subdidentata
Clubiona subkuu Clubionidae 36, f. 57C, 67C, 77B, 85B, 93B (mf) Clubiona subkuu
Clubiona submoralis Clubionidae 24, f. 16A-E, 17A-H, 55B, 65B, 75B, 83B, 91B (mf) Clubiona submoralis
Clubiona subquebecana Clubionidae 57, f. 61D, 71D, 78D, 86D, 94D (mf) Clubiona subquebecana
Clubiona subrama Clubionidae 24, f. 53C, 63C, 73E, 81E, 89E (mf) Clubiona subrama
Clubiona subtongi Clubionidae 37, f. 28A-E, 29A-C, 57D, 67D (Dm) Clubiona subtongi
Clubiona subyaginumai Clubionidae 25, f. 54C, 64C, 75F, 83F, 91F (mf) Clubiona subyaginumai
Clubiona suthepica Clubionidae 50, f. 46A-E, 47A-H, 59D, 69D, 79E, 87E, 95E (m, Df) Clubiona suthepica
Clubiona theoblicki Clubionidae 38, f. 57A, 67A, 77C, 85C, 93C (mf) Clubiona theoblicki
Clubiona tiane Clubionidae 26, f. 19A-G, 54D, 64D, 74D, 82D, 90D (m, Df) Clubiona tiane
Clubiona tixing Clubionidae 25, f. 18A-G, 73D, 81D, 89D (Df) Clubiona tixing
Clubiona tongi Clubionidae 38, f. 57B, 67B, 77D, 85D, 93D (mf) Clubiona tongi
Clubiona wangchengi Clubionidae 60, f. 52A-G, 80C, 88C, 96C (Df) Clubiona wangchengi
Clubiona xiaoci Clubionidae 27, f. 20A-E, 21A-H, 55D, 65D, 75E, 83E, 91E (Dmf) Clubiona xiaoci
Clubiona xiaokong Clubionidae 29, f. 22A-G, 74A, 82A, 90A (Df) Clubiona xiaokong
Clubiona yaoi Clubionidae 11, f. 62A-B, 72A-B, 80A, 88A, 96A (mf) Clubiona yaoi
Clubiona yejiei Clubionidae 30, f. 23A-G, 73C, 81C, 89C (Df) Clubiona yejiei
Clubiona yueya Clubionidae 51, f. 60D, 70D, 79F, 87F, 95F (mf) Clubiona yueya
Clubiona zhanggureni Clubionidae 52, f. 59B, 69B (m) Clubiona zhanggureni
Clubiona zhaoi Clubionidae 31, f. 24A-G, 74B, 82B, 90B (Df) Clubiona zhaoi
Clubiona zhengi Clubionidae 39, f. 57E, 67E, 77E, 85E, 93E (mf) Clubiona zhengi
Clubiona zhigangi Clubionidae 32, f. 25A-E, 26A-H, 53D, 63D, 73F, 81F, 89F (Dmf) Clubiona zhigangi
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