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Zamani, A. & Marusik, Y. M. (2021b). Revision of the spider family Zodariidae (Arachnida, Araneae) in Iran and Turkmenistan, with seventeen new species. ZooKeys 1035: 145-193. doi:10.3897/zookeys.1035.65767 download pdf


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Acanthinozodium armita Zodariidae 169, f. 18A, 20A-C, 22A-C, F (Dm) Acanthinozodium armita
Acanthinozodium atrisa Zodariidae 159, f. 11A-B, 12A-C, 14A-C, 16A-D (Dmf) Acanthinozodium atrisa
Acanthinozodium diara Zodariidae 169, f. 18B, 20D-F, 23D-F (Dm) Acanthinozodium diara
Acanthinozodium dorsa Zodariidae 171, f. 14I, 18C,-D, 21A-C, 24C-D, 30F-I (Dmf) Acanthinozodium dorsa
Acanthinozodium elburzicum Zodariidae 172, f. 18E-J, 21D-F, 23A-C, 26E, 29A, 30A-E (Dmf) Acanthinozodium elburzicum
Acanthinozodium elburzicum Zodariidae 182, f. 27A-D (f; misidentified per Zamani & Marusik, 2022: 428) Parazodarion raddei
Acanthinozodium kiana Zodariidae 173, f. 18K, 20G-H, 24E-F (Dm) Acanthinozodium kiana
Acanthinozodium masa Zodariidae 173, f. 18L, 20I-K, 24A-B (Dm) Acanthinozodium masa
Acanthinozodium niusha Zodariidae 162, f. 11A-C, 13A-E, 14G-H, 15D-F, 17A-C (Dmf) Acanthinozodium niusha
Acanthinozodium ovtchinnikovi Zodariidae 165, f. 22D-E, G-I (Dm) Acanthinozodium ovtchinnikovi
Acanthinozodium parmida Zodariidae 174, f. 19A-C, 25A-C (Dm) Acanthinozodium parmida
Acanthinozodium parysatis Zodariidae 167, f. 11F-G, 13F-I, 15A-C, 17D-F (Dmf) Acanthinozodium parysatis
Acanthinozodium sorani Zodariidae 168, f. 11H, 12D-F, 14D-F (Dm) Acanthinozodium sorani
Lachesana blackwalli Zodariidae 152, f. 4H (m) Lachesana blackwalli
Lachesana dyachkovi Zodariidae 148, f. 4A-C, F (m) Lachesana dyachkovi
Lachesana kavirensis Zodariidae 148, f. 1A-C, 3A-E, 4I (Dm) Lachesana kavirensis
Lachesana perseus Zodariidae 149, f. 1D-F, 2, 3F-J, 4J (Dm) Lachesana perseus
Lachesana tarabaevi Zodariidae 152, f. 4D-E, G (m) Lachesana tarabaevi
Parazodarion raddei Zodariidae 182, f. 26A-C (m; f. 27A-D [f] see Acanthinozodium elburzicum) Parazodarion raddei
Pax ellipita Zodariidae 153, f. 5A-B, 6A-E, 7A-E, 10A-E (Dmf) Pax ellipita
Pax leila Zodariidae 156, f. 5C-D, 8A-F, 9A-E, 10F-J (Dmf) Pax leila
Trygetus susianus Zodariidae 184, f. 26D, 27E-H (Df) Trygetus susianus
Zodariellum asiaticum Zodariidae 185 (T from Zodarion) Zodariellum asiaticum
Zodariellum bactrianum Zodariidae 185, f. 28D-F (m, T from Zodarion) Zodariellum bactrianum
Zodariellum bekuzini Zodariidae 185 (T from Zodarion) Zodariellum bekuzini
Zodariellum chaoyangense Zodariidae 185 (T from Zodarion) Zodariellum chaoyangense
Zodariellum continentale Zodariidae 185 (T from Zodarion) Zodariellum continentalis
Zodariellum furcum Zodariidae 185 (T from Zodarion) Zodariellum furcum
Zodariellum mongolicum Zodariidae 185 (T from Zodarion) Zodariellum mongolicum
Zodariellum nenilini Zodariidae 185 (T from Zodarion) Zodariellum nenilini
Zodariellum proszynskii Zodariidae 185, f. 31A-C (f, T from Zodarion) Zodariellum proszynskii
Zodariellum schmidti Zodariidae 185 (T from Zodarion) Zodariellum schmidti
Zodariellum sytchevskajae Zodariidae 185 (T from Zodarion) Zodariellum sytchevskajae
Zodariellum volgouralense Zodariidae 185 (T from Zodarion) Zodariellum volgouralensis
Zodarion expers Zodariidae 188, f. 19D-F, 25D-F (m) Zodarion expers
Zodarion nitidum Zodariidae 188, f. 28A-C (m) Zodarion nitidum
Zodarion talyschicum Zodariidae 190, f. 29B-C (m) Zodarion talyschicum
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