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Zamani, A., Chatzaki, M., Esyunin, S. L. & Marusik, Y. M. (2021). One new genus and nineteen new species of ground spiders (Araneae: Gnaphosidae) from Iran, with other taxonomic considerations. European Journal of Taxonomy 751: 68-114. doi:10.5852/ejt.2021.751.1381 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Berinda hoerwegi Gnaphosidae 72, f. 2A-L (Dmf) Berinda hoerwegi
Berinda infumata Gnaphosidae 70 (T from Heser, S of Berinda idae) Berinda infumatus
Berlandina artaxerxes Gnaphosidae 74, f. 3A-D (Dm) Berlandina artaxerxes
Berlandina mesopotamica Gnaphosidae 76, f. 3E-G, 4A-C (f) Berlandina mesopotamica
Callipelis deserticola Gnaphosidae 77, f. 5A-J, 6A-B (Df) Callipelis deserticola
Cryptodrassus iranicus Gnaphosidae 79, f. 7A-J (Dm) Cryptodrassus iranicus
Drassodes longispinus Gnaphosidae 81, f. 8G-H (f) Drassodes longispinus
Drassodes persianus Gnaphosidae 81, f. 8A-F (Df) Drassodes persianus
Echemus caspicus Gnaphosidae 83, f. 9A-D (Df) Echemus caspicus
Gnaphosa qamsarica Gnaphosidae 84, f. 10A-H (Df) Gnaphosa qamsarica
Haplodrassus medes Gnaphosidae 86, f. 11A-J (Dm) Haplodrassus medes
Haplodrassus qashqai Gnaphosidae 87, f. 12A-H, 13A-D, 14A-H (Dmf) Haplodrassus qashqai
Marinarozelotes achaemenes Gnaphosidae 91, f. 15A-F (Df) Marinarozelotes achaemenes
Marjanus isfahanicus Gnaphosidae 92, f. 16A-G (Df) Marjanus isfahanicus
Nomisia ameretatae Gnaphosidae 94, f. 17A-K (Dm) Nomisia ameretatae
Prodidomus inexpectatus Gnaphosidae 96, f. 18A-I (Dm) Prodidomus inexpectatus
Scotophaeus anahita Gnaphosidae 98, f. 19A-C, G-H (Df) Scotophaeus anahita
Scotophaeus elburzensis Gnaphosidae 100, f. 19D-F, I, 20A-C (Df) Scotophaeus elburzensis
Sosticus montanus Gnaphosidae 101, f. 21A-I (Df) Sosticus montanus
Synaphosus martinezi Gnaphosidae 103, f. 22A-I, 23A-G (Dmf) Synaphosus martinezi
Zagrotes apophysalis Gnaphosidae 106, f. 24A-G, 25A-J, 26A-C (Dmf) Zagrotes apophysalis
Zagrotes bifurcatus Gnaphosidae 71, f. 1A-G (Dm) Berinda bifurcata
Zelotes hyrcanus Gnaphosidae 109, f. 27A-E (Df) Zelotes hyrcanus
Genus Family Page
Zagrotes Zamani, Chatzaki, Esyunin & Marusik, 2021 Gnaphosidae 106