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Naumova, M., Blagoev, G. & Deltshev, C. (2021). Fifty spider species new to the Bulgarian fauna, with a review of some dubious species (Arachnida: Araneae). Zootaxa 4984(1): 228-257. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.4984.1.18 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Afraflacilla epiblemoides Salticidae 245, f. 17A-D (mf) Afraflacilla epiblemoides
Agyneta mollis Linyphiidae 238, f. 10A-B (m) Agyneta mollis
Callilepis cretica Gnaphosidae 230, f. 1A-C (m) Callilepis cretica
Civizelotes pygmaeus Gnaphosidae 232, 2A-D (mf) Civizelotes pygmaeus
Cryptodrassus hungaricus Gnaphosidae 233, f. 3A-C (m) Cryptodrassus hungaricus
Cyclosa sierrae Araneidae 230 (S of Cyclosa strandjae; C. strandjae removed from S of C. concinna, contra Deltshev & Blagoev, 2001: 110) Cyclosa sierrae
Gnaphosa rufula Gnaphosidae 233, f. 4A-B (f) Gnaphosa rufula
Haplodrassus orientalis Gnaphosidae 235, f. 5A-H (mf) Haplodrassus orientalis
Heriaeus zhalosni Thomisidae 249, f. 22A-G (mf) Heriaeus zhalosni
Hypomma fulvum Linyphiidae 239, f. 11A-D (f) Hypomma fulvum
Iberina difficilis Hahniidae 237, f. 9A-C (m) Iberina difficilis
Leptodrassus albidus Gnaphosidae 235, f. 6A-C (m) Leptodrassus albidus
Leptopilos memorialis Gnaphosidae 235, f. 7A-E (mf) Leptopilos memorialis
Leptorchestes sikorskii Salticidae 246, f. 18A-B (m) Leptorchestes sikorskii
Linyphia tenuipalpis Linyphiidae 240, f. 12A-D (f) Linyphia tenuipalpis
Minicia marginella Linyphiidae 241, f. 13A-D (f) Minicia marginella
Monaeses israeliensis Thomisidae 240, f. 22A-G (mf) Monaeses israeliensis
Oxyopes globifer Oxyopidae 243, f. 15A-C (m) Oxyopes globifer
Oxyopes nigripalpis Oxyopidae 242, f. 14A-D (m) Oxyopes nigripalpis
Pellenes allegrii Salticidae 246, f. 19A-B (m) Pellenes allegrii
Phlegra cinereofasciata Salticidae 248, f. 20A-C (m) Phlegra cinereofasciata
Pulchellodromus pulchellus Philodromidae 244, f. 16A-C (f) Pulchellodromus pulchellus
Sernokorba tescorum Gnaphosidae 236, f. 8A-C (m) Sernokorba tescorum
Xysticus kaznakovi Thomisidae 240, f. 23A-C (m) Xysticus kaznakovi
Xysticus pseudolanio Thomisidae 252, f. 24A-C (m) Xysticus pseudolanio
Xysticus thessalicus Thomisidae 253, f. 25A-C (f) Xysticus thessalicus
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